Expert Analysis of Valuable Data

Organizations from every industry around the world generate massive amounts of data. Those that are able to harness these data assets can solve complex problems quicker, make smarter decisions and iterate rapidly.

i3solutions supports the capacity of organizations to use their data through our data fusion and data analysis services. We combine powerful software analytics with human-driven approaches to create solutions that produce real impact.

We understand that real world problems are not always answerable through complex algorithms and models alone. This is why our data analytics experts help organizations implement robust software solutions that augment human decision making and produce operational results within record time.

Many factors affect economy and business growth – world events, pandemics, stabilization, elections, foreign diplomacy.  i3solutions has experts to help evaluate your individual needs and how these factors will affect your business, as well as an array of solutions to maneuver your business around this complex environment.

Human Driven Software Analytics

Solving real world problems.

Whether the goal is to fuse several data sources into a central repository to create a single source of truth, or collect, clean, segment, analyze and derive insights from complex datasets, our analysts are equipped to help turn data assets into valuable, re-usable resources.


Solving Real World Problems: Human Analytics + Powerful Software

We are able to apply our data fusion and data analysis expertise to help organizations create effective solutions for real world problems. Organizations in multiple industries routinely benefit from our services, including:


Organizations in healthcare are able to implement data-driven approaches to developing, manufacturing and delivering healthcare products and services. The healthcare industry must make use of solutions that support the collection and rapid analysis of massive amounts of data to help drive insights into patient health data, predicting risk, practitioner performance and systemic resource wastes reduce research costs and beat production deadlines.


From fraud detection and prevention, to billing accuracy and data-driven reporting, financial services organizations leverage big data to get even more work done. They can work much smarter and implement data assets to acquire gains in a very competitive industry.


Companies in the automotive industry often incur large costs when tracking, identifying and correcting product defects. With tens of thousands of products rolled out yearly, this can quickly take its toll. We are able to partner with these organizations to rapidly identify and resolve product issues through multiple analytics approaches, including root cause analysis.


Organizations in the media and advertising industry are leveraging data fusion and analysis to identify prospective customers, understand changes in consumer behavior and priorities, listen and respond to marketplace changes and stay relevant in the key markets amongst competitors.


From accelerating production timelines, to optimizing customer experiences and increasing overall efficiency, data analysis plays a big role in how organizations in this industry make money and capture market share.

Gaining Valuable Insight into Data

i3solutions supports our clients’ capacity to collect, organize, make sense of and produce valuable insights from their data assets. Our analysts are able to apply fundamental principles of data collection, integration and analysis to deliver immediate, compounding business value. Our expertise includes:

Data integration: We can help your organization quickly and easily connect to multiple data sources, whether internal, external or commercial. We also enrich your intelligence analysis by integrating your data pools with external data feeds that are relevant to your use case.

Advanced link analytics: We provide multidimensional analysis capabilities to help you rapidly identify hidden connections and patterns both at a granular and eye-in-sky level. Through our expertise, organizations are able to enhance investigations by charting the timeline of data sets, ensuring that your insights are enriched with the proper context.

Visual query: We are able to implement a range of software solutions that provide state-of-the-art visual query capabilities. This helps us construct queries that are as simple or complex as needed to unveil the required information in your database.

Social network analysis: We not only help you identify initially unclear or invisible connections in your datasets, we also evaluate the relationship between these data sets. This provides a multi-dimensional view of your data and improves your ability to analyze group structures and the communication flows within specific networks.

Geospatial investigation: Our analysts help implement solutions that enhance integration with third-party mapping capabilities and encourage geospatial investigation. Areas of influence provide dynamic visual presentation and all data can be linked, searchable and displayed on maps.


Creating a Foundation to Encourage Meaningful Insights

At i3solutions, our ultimate goal is to provide organizations with the tools and expertise they require to make the most of their data. We work closely with our clients to assess their business needs and identify their goals, using sophisticated tools that support the creation of high quality, human-driven insights. Specifically, we assist our clients with:

Assessment: Data is only valuable when it complements high-level business goals. We work with organizations to determine how our data fusion and analysis competence can help clarify, strategize and achieve their most important goals.

Integration: We enable our clients collect, map and segment their data into pools that aid easy analysis and shared intelligence. We are able to integrate their data pools with 3rd party applications and external data feeds to enrich the existing resource.

  • Embedded analysis: Our analysts are able to introduce advanced workflows and methodologies to drive business intelligence and support mission-critical objectives.
  • Ontology mapping: We assist in unifying our client organizations by capturing relevant business concepts in a common ontology. We also assist in encouraging compounding results by re-introducing derived insights into the structure, resulting in an ontology that improves automatically and continuously.
  • Data fusion and extension: We help enhance the value of existing data assets by centralizing data operations and executing integrations to 3rd party solutions. This helps products deploy faster as they leverage re-usable data pipelines within a centralized data management structure.
  • Insights: Deploying best-in-class software, we encourage the acquisition of valuable insights through the application of various analytical and statistical models. We also assist these organizations broaden their understanding of how insights are derived, using first-rate lineage and versioning of data and code.
  • Security: We help implement solutions that protect the production and sharing of data while ensuring only authorized users can access and utilize the shared resources.

Human and Technical Solutions at Work

Identifying critical issues to make key decisions.

Organizations must compete in an environment being increasingly driven by marginal gains and opportunities. i3solutions provides our clients with the tools and expertise they require to predict where the best opportunities lie and take advantage through human-driven software analytics.

Backed by almost 25 years of experience solving real world problems through powerful software, i3solutions helps organizations answer complex questions through their structured, unstructured and anonymized data sources, creating powerful insights that augment and drive business decisions.

i3solutions uniquely combines subject matter experts in human analytics with the ability to organize, fuse and portray mass data in an organized fashion using mapping, link analysis (relationships), and auto generation techniques to enable the understanding of complex environments and tasks while giving decision makers critical information needed make informed decisions.



Helping Organizations Make Sense of Big Data

As organizations function, through daily internal operations, interactions with customers and other sources, thousands of gigabytes of data are being created. For organizations that are willing to look, these stores of data hold important insights that can help augment or even drive game-changing decisions.

At i3solutions, we help organizations make sense of their big data by leveraging platforms that let them connect seemingly unrelated entities. We don’t just let machines do all the work though. Our data analytics and data fusion services implement a unique blend of human analysis, powered by robust software solutions. Our ultimate aim is to help organizations solve problems that seem overly complex using data, but also achieve this faster, more efficiently, and more profitably.

We are able to assist organizations in creating integrated systems of insight through connected and unconnected data sources to develop a blended learning system. We help these organizations avoid data overload by implementing systems that let them collect, tag, track and utilize data as it pours in from various sources.

Data is useless when it cannot create insights that help organizations solve their problems. We equip organizations with the expertise they require to transform complex data into actionable insights. Armed with the power of future knowledge generated through our predictive analytics capabilities, organizations are better equipped to drive the innovation and success they desire.



Delivering Expert Level Problem Solving

i3solutions’ data analytics consulting services are designed with our ultimate goal in mind: to help organizations solve the problems that matter to them. We are not just interested in helping improve your capacity to make decisions. We want to help you use your data in the most beneficial ways for your business while delivering analytical solutions that augment human intelligence.

i3solutions’ analysts are equipped with deep engineering and analytics experience to help organizations tackle complex problems with data-driven insights. Our consulting services specifically revolve around helping organizations swiftly and efficiently:


Collect: Data sources are typically multifarious and often spread over several origin points. We assist organizations with identifying, cataloguing, integrating, and fusing multiple data sources to create one integrated pool of raw or structured data. We also help organizations tag, segment and track multiple data points across the characteristics required to drive insights.


Analyze: Apart from our data fusion and segmentation services, we enable organizations make sense of their data through our data modeling and analysis experience. We are able to adopt numerous statistical and analytical modeling options including social network analysis, root cause analysis, second and third order effects and link analysis. Our goal is to help our clients understand the relationship between data points and draw connections between seemingly unrelated entities.


Evaluate: Insights are only useful when they give organizations the edge they need to get their work done. We want you to feel like you have solved a problem important to you after working with i3solutions. This is why assist organizations with understanding their data analytics needs and how our expertise can best support their problem-solving capabilities.



Evolve: We improve the capacity of our clients to create actionable insights from data by implementing software that helps them bring data to life. Our clients are able to use the created insights in numerous ways including creating and growing a body of shared intelligence to improve operational efficiency and achieve corporate goals.




Understanding and Interpreting the Data:  The Process of Data Analytics Consulting

i3solutions’ data analytics consulting services are structured to provide your organization with a process that molds itself to your specific business goals and needs. We are invested in helping you create insights that meet your business challenges where they live. Through our process, we provide deep expertise to:

Define: As with all our engagements, our first step will be to review your business solutions and needs, and define the nature of problems that need solving. For organizations with a specific list of identified problems and suggested action points, we can also analyze your goals against the curated list and proffer suggestions to improve outcomes.

Map: Our analysts will help your organization identify and map specific software solutions that will be best suited to solving your data analytics or fusion challenges. We assist with determining how your goals may be best achieved through the available analytics software and whether a hybrid solution will best meet your needs.

Advise: We help you sort through the options available and advise on the most suitable solution that meets your needs. Our focus all through will be on helping you identify the best combination of software analytics and strategic planning that drives desired results.

Implement: Our analysts are deeply skilled in data analytics and data fusion, and are able to provide the expertise to implement your selected solutions. This includes modeling, analytics, data integration, data management, scalable ontologies and the creation of insights.

Support: After assisting with your analytics or data fusion needs, our support team will also assist in augmenting your ability to use the solutions delivered. Knowledge transfer is as important as implementing the initial solutions and therefore our ultimate goal is to ensure your team can effectively put your newly-created resources to work in achieving goals.


Solving Data Analytics Challenges

Our analysts help organizations address and resolve a wide range of challenges that while pursuing or implementing data analytics and business intelligence solutions. These include:

  • Failing data integrity: Insights are only as good as the data assets that make them possible. Some organizations may face challenges with or even fail to focus on securing back-end data integrity and quality management. One way to tackle this challenge is to focus on continuously improving how data assets are collected, analyzed and segmented.
  • Competing sources of truth: Many organizations still rely on spreadsheets to analyze and understand trends within specific departments. Apart from the fact that gained insights cannot be immediately shared enterprise-wide, this fragmented approach often results in competing frames of reference This may lead to confusion, misinterpretation and lack of clarity. We can help organizations centralize their data collection and analytics efforts by implementing a solution that creates a single source of truth.
  • Rigid data assets: Often, legacy business intelligence solutions are grown in patches to augment instant needs. However, this undermines the achievement of a flexible, well-architected business ontology. Our analysts can help resolve this challenge by spearheading the implementation of a solution that grows with the organization.


Let i3solutions Help You Unlock the Power of Your Data

For almost 25 years, i3solutions has been helping organizations put their data assets to work and create crucial sources of truth that drive valuable insights. We have partnered with organizations in various industries to provide human-centered, software-powered solutions and understand how to make data work for organizations and produce insights that drive success. Our expert analysts specialize in unlocking the value of data and cannot wait to put this knowledge to work on your behalf. Contact us today to learn more about our data fusion and data analytics consulting services.