Software Development Flexibility for the Modern Business

Achieve your goals with the freedom and flexibility to build, manage, and deploy your applications anywhere. In today’s technology landscape, fewer companies are storing their critical data on large on-site servers. Gone are the days of dedicated server rooms and tape backups and the fear of systems going down. Companies are quickly recognizing the value of implementing Cloud computing to keep their data secure and accessible.

Modernize Your Infrastructure

Business continuity, no matter what.

The benefits of cloud computing

Prior to working in the Cloud, organizations maintained legacy systems, which, though molded and built upon over the years to meet organizational needs, remain clunky, outdated, and expensive to run. The Cloud offers a plug-and-play environment that relieves organizations of administration efforts, while significantly reducing the expense of managing large legacy systems. Benefits of a Cloud solution include:


Eliminate capital expenditure costs rising from traditional data center hardware, including the costs of maintenance and updates

Extend current technology and licensing across Cloud and on-premises technologies

Reduce licensing costs with a Cloud environment that supports quick and flexible scaling up or down as business needs demand

Deliver faster, more flexible applications with a mobile-optimized, integrated DevOps toolsets

Manage remote offices, teams, and assets through collaboration on one readily available and accessible platform

i3solutions advises organizations on how these benefits operate within the specific use-cases of our client organizations. We can help you identify where the benefits of the Cloud will best complement your organization, which components make the most sense for you, and how best to deliver on your Cloud computing needs.

Leverage the Cloud

Unlock new possibilities that drive your business forward.

Cloud computing services

At i3solutions, our goal is to support your Cloud computing needs with timely, detailed, and customized advice backed by almost 25 years of experience. We help navigate all the different Cloud options, as well as provide the expertise you require to make the most of the Cloud. Our Cloud computing services include:


Consulting, Software Development and Custom Applications

i3solutions provides Cloud consulting services for organizations that are new to Cloud technology, or that want the experience of an IT leader with multiple engagements to evaluate, improve, and strategize on their Cloud goals. Our experienced consultants will assist with assessing your organizational strategy for exploiting the benefits of the Cloud for software development, custom applications, security, migrations and more. We will then help you identify where this plan can be improved, or assist with developing a plan from scratch.


When you have made the decision to migrate your on-premises environment to the Cloud, i3solutions can provide the technical expertise to achieve a seamless migration that maintains the integrity of your environment. Whether you require a straightforward “lift and shift,” or your solutions require a re-platform, re-factor, or comprehensive rewrite, we will supply the expertise you need.

Professional services

i3solutions provides one-off or ongoing Cloud professional services to organizations in multiple industries. We are available to help assess, create, or improve your Cloud solutions including Logic Apps and Microsoft Flow, Power BI, Virtual Networking and Hybrid Cloud, Office 365 Integration and Support, and much more.

Operations and maintenance

Through our Cloud computing managed services practice, we allow our client organizations to focus on growing their business while we support the management of their Cloud services and applications. Our services include administration and troubleshooting, covering such areas as configuring Cloud resources, managing data flows, backing up data stored in the Cloud, and addressing common issues like server overloads and misconfigurations. We provide 24/7 monitoring to quickly detect and correct security, configuration and other issues in tools such as Nagios, Prometheus, Azure Monitor, Zabbix, and much more. We also provide usage optimization and cybersecurity, as well as compliance with standards such as HIPAA and GDPR, and evolution of your Cloud environment.

Let i3solutions take you into the Cloud

i3solutions has extensive experience assisting clients for over 20 years in deployments of all sizes and complexity. We are certified in Software Development, Custom Application Development, Data Analytics, Devices and Deployment, and we partner with Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce and Okta.

We have successfully delivered projects across different industries, verticals, and business sizes, including healthcare, financial services, government, automotive, and manufacturing.

Contact us and let our Cloud computing services team advise your organization of the Cloud options that best suit your business needs and budget. Contact our consultants to see how we can support your in-house team to achieve a Cloud environment that delivers continuous benefits for you. We are flexible in pricing and offer competitive pricing models that are adapted to your specific business requirements without burdening you with unnecessary components.