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Secure Authentication & Identity Management with Okta Consulting Services

Organizations rely on a steadily increasing range of software solutions to work efficiently and maximize resources. But the requirements of managing access and integrity of these solutions can quickly become complex. Okta provides an identity management solution that allows you to administer your identity ecosystem in a flexible, efficient and secure manner. Apart from being a leader in market-ready identity solutions, Okta offers one of the most readily customizable Identity and Access Management (IAM) platforms available. Supporting over 5,000 out-of-the-box application integrations, Okta also enables custom deployment at varying levels, from granular improvements to firm-wide deployments. This makes it perfect for organizations that have deeply integrated or heavily customized application architectures.

i3solutions assists businesses with their identity management needs, helping them match relevant business solutions to available resources. Our comprehensive Okta consulting services are adapted to provide businesses with an adequate framework that facilitates the creation and management of digital identities. We provide services that cover everything from identifying, analyzing and understanding your needs, to recommendation, implementation and user adoption. Whether you need to manage access for workers in a single building or spread all across the globe, our consultants can provide you with a solution that meets your needs.

Secure identity management the Okta way

Our consultants understand the challenges facing large enterprises with legacy IAM systems. These organizations have a wide array of vendors, products, solutions and components that are stacked deep and extensively integrated.

Yet, these organizations are just as challenged with the need for greater agility and a future-ready architecture. While use cases routinely change in line with industry best practices, it is incredibly difficult to change the underlying stack.

At i3solutions, we mitigate this challenge by providing feature improvements and architecture upgrades that ensure Okta benefits can be realized while retaining the built-in logic and solutions in these legacy systems. Our deep expertise in implementing, integrating and migrating solutions, in-cloud, hybrid and on-premises focuses on helping organizations determine their needs and how best to create a secure, multi-functional environment that works for them.  Our Okta technology solutions services include helping organizations:

Okta Consulting Services

Strategize: Implementing an IAM solution in a heavily customized architecture requires significant planning. We help organizations determine the best integrations and deployment that fit their business needs, based on best practices for Okta adoption. This includes advising on what features are best and how they combine to provide a blended system that meets your needs.

Okta Consulting Services

Integrate: We meet the requirements of enterprise customers by delivering integrated solutions that facilitate secure access, accelerate user onboarding and enhance security without compromising legacy architecture. Whether this requires inventive integration with multiple APIs or a build from scratch, our consultants possess the deep systems integration skills to provide a seamless solution.

Okta Consulting Services

Migrate: Our consultants are experts at helping you transition from legacy or custom solutions to your new enterprise identity management solution. This includes moving your user directories, permissions and files while maintaining the integrity of your resources.

Okta Consulting Services

Embed: We assist our clients with innovative implementation of Okta solutions by embedding piecemeal components of the platform, such as Single Sign-on (SSO) or Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). This ensures that organizations can enjoy the blended strengths of Okta solutions within their deeply customized solution.

Okta Consulting Services

Build: When the answer to your organization’s “build or buy” conundrum is to build; we can build any component of the Okta platform from scratch to power fully customized identity management solutions.

Okta Consulting Services

Support: We provide ongoing support to enable swift user adoption and minimize use challenges, while providing training to ensure your personnel can effectively manage the new, improved solution.

Securely connect the right people to the right technologies at the right time

i3solutions provides our clients with a full range of Okta products to deliver customized solutions that are feature-rich and business-relevant. Our expertise revolves around the core functions that Okta delivers including:

Okta Consulting Services

Our Okta consulting toolkit is designed to provide your business with the deep expertise required to leverage the core benefits of Okta. We assist your identity and access management efforts in three broad areas:

Workforce Identity Management

To reach efficiency and maximum productivity, your workforce needs to be able to access relevant applications quickly and seamlessly. Our identity and access management solutions help increase productivity by implementing SSO and automated user authentication frameworks. We help reduce cost by automating user lifecycle management operations as well as identity onboarding of new employees.

Business Partner Collaboration

Business decisions require real-time exchange of information so decisions are not overtaken by events. Realizing the benefits of proactive decision making, requires an external identity and access management solution that is secure and easily accessible. Our solutions for business partners focus on providing federated identity and access solutions that enable swift and secure collaboration.

Workforce Identity Management

Although business goals often change, what never changes is the need to ensure customers are satisfied. Our consultants help businesses identify and refine best-in-class strategies to provide a better experience for consumers in accessing products and services. We provide solutions that include capabilities for capturing and translating access and identity data into insights that ensure consumer satisfaction and increase revenue.

Increase the security of your business with Okta Consulting services

Organizations that prioritize a highly productive workplace rely on Okta for its rich integration ecosystem, coupled with its industry-leading single sign-on offerings, to realize the significant gains of seamless and intuitive access management across board.  Through i3solutions’ Okta integration services expertise, we help organizations achieve seamless integration of their Okta toolset, with enterprise solutions, while preserving the efficiency of the integrated environment.

We have worked with multiple organizations across several industries, including healthcare, energy, finance, and government organizations to deliver deep cross-platform integration solutions that take advantage of existing integration opportunities and building APIs from scratch.

Okta Consulting Services

Our Okta integration services take into account the unique and evolving needs of our clients as they advance their access management infrastructure through seamless cloud identity services. Today’s rapidly changing and increasingly complex identity landscape requires a partner with decades of experience and multiple successful consultations. We understand how identity needs evolve with growth opportunities. Our Okta integration services are designed to benefit our clients with secure solutions that fit their needs perfectly.

Modern identity and access management programs require an innovative approach. Our primary goal is to help modernize your access infrastructure with solutions that will provide an advantage for your business through the digital age.  Our consultants are experienced with providing Okta technology solutions across multiple on-premises and cloud solutions and in many different applications including:

  • Modern custom applications: Our consultants have the knowledge to resolve challenges encountered with these applications when they support federation. We can configure custom integrations with these applications for WS-Fed, SAML or OpenID Connect.
  • Packaged software applications: We assist with integrating packaged software solutions such as SAP environments and SharePoint Server via WS-Fed. For access to other protected SharePoint applications, such as BI features, we can help configure the integration to Windows token service for translation from WS-Fed to Kerberos.
  • Non-proxy applications: For any other software that uses a login form but does not support proxy or federation, we utilize Okta Secure Web Authentication integration for secure and seamless identity management.

Microsoft Office 365 and Okta

With its high rate of adoption amongst high productivity-biased organizations, we provide a lot of Okta integrations solutions with Microsoft Office 365. Deploying Office 365 using Okta provides a seamless authentication experience that leverages on Active Directory (AD) to power deep access management automation.

Our Microsoft Office 365 and Okta integrations include SSO capabilities that work through WS-Federation and WS-Trust for rich clients, web clients and email applications backed by Microsoft. Okta Consulting Services We can help simplify the rollout of Microsoft 365 for your organization or update its capabilities by implementing Okta identity services.

Through the integration with AD, Okta automates the lifecycle management process, resulting in productivity and revenue gains. Rather than the labor-intensive approach of manually creating and updating user attributes, IT can create groups and policies in AD which will reflect automatically in Okta.

This makes provisioning, deprovisioning and updating access attributes much simpler and quicker. It also means your organization can reduce the administrative cost of growth while maintaining an access infrastructure that is seamless and secure.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, our team of highly qualified and experienced Microsoft Certified developers, consultants, architects and testers have more than 20 years’ experience deploying Office 365 solutions for varying use cases. We can deliver on your Microsoft Office 365 and Okta integration needs.

Benefit from the flexibility of Okta

Okta provides organizations with the cost-efficiency and flexibility of a cloud-based identity management solution. Its ability to quickly authenticate and provision secure access to internal and external users allows organizations combat productivity drain and collaborate seamlessly across platforms. The advantages of exploring an Okta deployment include:

Seamless Single Sign-on
  • Okta provides a dependable SSO integration across multiple on-premises, web-based and mobile applications.
  • The one-password-several-platforms model ensures that team members can collaborate swiftly and efficiently, increasing overall productivity.
Adaptive and Strong Authentication
  • Okta's multi-factor authentication ensures at least two levels of protection against a range of attacks that use stolen or compromised credentials.
  • The IAM solution also provides adaptive multi-factor authentication that responds to dynamic policy changes in user or device behavior, location and other preset contexts.
Intuitive User Experience
  • The Okta platform provides ease for enterprise and end-users through an intuitive, fully customizable solution.
  • Organizations are afforded maximum fluidity in selecting and implementing Okta identity solutions, including standard marketing installation and OEM improvements on installed solutions.
Hassle-free Onboarding and HR
  • By integrating Okta with HR management applications such as Workday, organizations can quickly and seamlessly onboard and offboard users. Once integrated, Okta automatically imports user data from start date and provisions the appropriate access based on user role.
  • When updates are made to user profiles through downstream applications such as Office 365, these changes are automatically updated in Okta, saving HR the valuable time involved in updating, upgrading and deprovisioning access resources.
Cost Effective Idenity Management
  • With Okta, organizations can improve their bottom-line through cost savings across multiple points in their identity and access management infrastructure.
  • Employees spend less time logging in or requesting assistance with forgotten login details.
  • IT spends less time managing identity enterprise wide identity needs.
  • HR management can provision new hires or deprovision leaving talent at the touch of a button.

An identity solution that meets your needs

In a business environment where marginal gains are increasingly significant, Okta provides an edge for businesses that value an efficient and secure work environment.  Our consultants at i3solutions are experts at implementing Okta and have delivered standard and customized solutions to a wide range of organizations. Leveraging our deep skill with Okta, we can advise you on the best Okta toolset for your organization and assist with implementing the right solution that meets your business needs.

We acutely understand the strategic and business considerations that are implicit in Identity Access Management custom development and we provide a comprehensive toolkit to give you the best of our experience. We can build a solution that implements best-of-the-best Okta components without overburdening your deeply integrated infrastructure. If you would like to understand more about our Okta technology solutions services, please contact us today.