Modern Applications for Everyday Functions

Microsoft 365 applications provide you with fast, easy solutions for your everyday needs – from critical workflow to mundane but necessary daily use applications of every size.  Eliminate the hassle of waiting on developers, the rigor that goes with dev-ops and the cost associated with it.  Microsoft delivers solutions that are fast and reliable and guess what? You already own the technology. With Microsoft Office 365, the technology you need for your modern applications is already included.

And you don’t have to do it alone.  Well versed in Microsoft’s ready-made solutions, i3solutions has gained the knowledge and over 20 years of experience in building, deploying, and integrating these technologies into your business environment.

All the Tools You Need

Intelligent solutions that empower everyone to be creative and work together, securely.

Automate and Collaborate with Microsoft 365

Today’s companies need workspaces that simplify collaboration with local and remote colleagues while providing an engaging experience with real-time interaction.  Microsoft Office 365 provides all the tools needed to automate and streamline outdated manual processes, increase efficiency and securely collaboration in today’s modern workspace.


Simplify and automate everyday business tasks

Automate common tasks without expensive dev processes

Reduce dependency on inefficient, paper-based processes by implementing a modern set of tools

Increase productivity with applications that solve real business challenge

Connect employees and processes to data

Securely collect, manage, and use data from disparate systems to provide critical insights and action

Enable anywhere, anytime, any device access to critical information

Connect employees through data driven processes

Connect employees and processes to data

Provide exceptional employee and customer experiences

Empower employees to accomplish more with less, and innovate rapidly

Reduce redundancy, waste, and inefficiency through planning and consolidation

Microsof 365 Services we provide

From automating redundant tasks to compiling helpful business insights across your departments, i3solutions can help you maximize your Microsoft Office 365 investment so you have the tools and expertise needed to transform for the future.

Migrating to a Microsoft 365 environment can often be complicated. Leverage our Microsoft 365 migration services to achieve hitch-free and swift migration of your on-premises, cloud or hybrid solutions to an online environment.

Transitioning to a Microsoft 365 online environment can take some getting used to. Our Microsoft 365 support services ensure organizations never lose a single minute of productivity due to adoption or transition difficulties.

Business Insights You Can Act On

The applications you need to drive business efficiency.

Microsoft 365 Suite of Business Applications

Microsoft Office 365 has everything you need in one solution to connect people and information in an intelligent new way. It is easier than ever to transmit data, track information and manage documents with Microsoft SharePoint.  Work on group projects and make teamwork as efficient as possible with Microsoft Teams. Break out of data silos with beautiful, insightful visualizations that answer questions no one thought to ask before using Microsoft Power BI.  Further customize your solution using Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Forms to best suit the unique needs of your staff members, maximizing ease of use and productivity. A more productive workforce means better business efficiency and profitability.