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Microsoft 365 is possibly the most significant business productivity suite available today. When implemented properly, this powerful tool will help you achieve more, be more collaborative and help your business improve efficiency.  Microsoft 365 consulting services can be quite comprehensive. Fully unlocking the benefits of the productivity suite will depend on how well you can match your business needs to the available solutions.

Our all-inclusive Microsoft 365 consulting services cover everything from analyzing and understanding your needs, to implementation, user adoption and evolution of your digital environment. We will have you set up with powerful cloud-based solutions that enable effective in-house and remote collaboration in no time. At i3solutions, we can help you map your business needs to the appropiate technical solutions that make the most sense for your business.

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services

Unlock the value of Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides a suite of programs and solutions that establish an indispensable and comprehensive employee digital workspace. It includes all the programs you are already familiar with – Word, Outlook, PowerPoint – and combines them with the accessibility and flexibility of the cloud.


In addition to this, it provides a range of enhanced features such as Teams, SharePoint, Planner and Yammer, all of which enable your team to collaborate better and faster. Microsoft offers many attractive plans, each with its own benefits and rich features.  They all can be modified, but deciding which one is most suitable for your needs can be difficult.   i3solutions’ uses its deep expertise in determining what plan works best for you and how best to implement it.


i3solutions’ Microsoft 365 consulting services help organizations set up the perfect ecosystem based on their specific business needs and collaboration goals.

Microsoft 365 consulting services to guide you through the process

i3solutions’ Microsoft 365 consulting services focus on helping organizations understand what solutions they need and how they can be integrated to create the virtual collaboration environment that works for them. When you work with us, our goal will be to help you:

Understand: As you make your decision to invest in cloud collaboration, we assist you in setting out right. This includes helping you choosing an appropriate Microsoft 365 subscription plan that aligns with your budget and business needs. We provide both advisory and technical assistance to help you determine what components are the best fit for your organization.

Implement: We help you implement your preferred Microsoft 365 toolset in line with Microsoft best practices. Our consultants will take point on the process of implementing a solution that accounts for how you currently use your IT and how your needs may evolve as you grow.

Customize: We offer a range of customization options, including branded site templates, complex workflows, custom add-ins and more. We tailor your solution to your specific environment, taking into consideration enterprise compliance policies and how your users leverage the environment.

Migrate: Our consultants help you carry out a seamless migration of your existing solutions to Microsoft 365. Whether this will be a cutover, staged or hybrid migration, our team will work to maximize the speed, integrity and efficiency of the final product.

Integrate: We are experts at integrating Microsoft 365 with multiple enterprise solutions to enable firm-wide collaboration. Deciding to invest in your own Microsoft 365 ecosystem should not deprive you of other business solutions in which you invested. We ensure flawless integration with all cloud-based and custom on-premises solutions for speed of data access, improved efficiency and lightning fast collaboration.

Extend: Our consultants are skilled at custom application development and can help extend your solution with custom functionality. Whether this means taking advantage of any of the hundreds of integrations possible with Microsoft 365 or building you a custom API from scratch, we are here to help.

Support: We provide flexible and ongoing support to prevent any difficulties with user adoption, maintenance or scaling, should the need arise. We also provide training options for developers, admins and other high-level users to help ease transition into the new ecosystem and overall efficiency.

Manage: We offer the option to manage and administer your Microsoft 365 ecosystem if that is appropriate for you. We provide the benefit of our in-depth experience in managing Microsoft 365 accounts, periodic reporting on resource use and improving your capacity to manage security vulnerabilities.

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services: What do we do for our clients

We have been around since Microsoft 365 was first launched and have built a wealth of expertise in our nearly 25-years. We deliver standard and customized solutions to financial institutions, non-profits, government agencies, healthcare and other organizations of all sizes. Our clients routinely ask us to assist with:

Creating virtual
meeting/conference rooms

We assist with improving the capacity of our clients to engage with employees in remote locations by setting up and managing virtual conference/meeting locations.

Automating processes with forms and

Either as a prelude to custom application development or process automation, we help our clients create workflows to boost productivity for both in-house and offsite employees.

Tracking the progress of
tasks using workflows

We routinely create workflows to enable efficient handling of tasks and elimination of costly redundancies in crucial firm processes.

Providing better visibility
with dashboards

As part of our data and knowledge management services, we assist with creating dashboards and portals for timely sharing of updates and progress.

Assisting in setup of Chat and Mobile
work spaces

We provide clients with the technical expertise they need to set up their enterprise-wide instant messaging resources and cloud based work spaces.

Other things we do for our clients include:

Assist with training users on collaboration tools Move documents and content into Cloud and Collaboration spaces
Improve search and discovery through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) based    search Configure remote access and permissions
Implement metadata and categorization of data to improve the ability to find the right information Set up remote collaboration sites
Help to secure data and documents Configure Teams sites
Convert applications to be Mobile friendly Convert forms to be available to off-site workers

Let us help you make the most of Microsoft 365

Our deep skills with Microsoft 365 tools means we have the expertise to help you strategize the perfect Microsoft toolset to fit your needs, assist with effective implementation and provide ongoing support to boost your capacity.

To understand more about how we can put our Microsoft 365 consulting services to work for you, please contact us today.