Proactively Meet Customer Demands

Businesses are always looking for ways to streamline processes and create more efficient workflows that serve both your organization and your customers.  i3solutions’ Sales and Customer Service Automation Services using Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide your teams with the tools to accomplish routine business tasks faster, smarter and with deeper insights into your customers’ needs.  Automating processes and eliminating redundant tasks can help you convert leads into paying customers who return again and again. Whether you are looking for a new system, or to improve upon your current solution, i3solutions can make Sales and Customer Service automation work for you.

Close More Deals

Streamline the sales process, drive more revenue, and close deals faster with sales automation

There are many steps in the sales cycle, including identifying potential leads, making introductions, building relationships, pitching products or services, fulfilling orders, and following up. For many sales teams, leads and customers are all at different stages of the cycle, which can be burdensome to track and manage. Sales automation helps streamline the sales cycle, which, in turn, assists sales professionals in their day-to-day efforts and frees up valuable time.  It also helps teams and leaders get a quick, consolidated view of the sales pipeline. Having a centralized view of everything turns disparate, redundant tasks into a simplified, manageable experience.



Win more, faster

Consistency across the sales cycle with sales automation helps you maximize efforts and zero in on what matters most.


Build stronger relationships

A direct line into all your contacts, interaction history, and any relevant information cultivates lasting, trusted relationships.


Keep your team on the same page

With a centralized view of all current prospects and customers teams can see conversation history, know who has worked with each customer, and improve internal communication.


Measure progress

See results with up-to-the-minute accuracy and know how your progress stacks up against sales forecasts.


Help buyers progress

Personalized, engaging experiences help support customers’ consideration processes.


Track buyer engagement

Gain valuable insight into how customers engage along every step of the sales process.


Measure performance

Interactive dashboards show real-time updates, helping you see where the sales team is most successful.


Manage opportunities

Get the details of each deal, monitor progress, and advance opportunities through the sales funnel.


Store contacts

Create unique profiles for each customer, track conversation history, and make customer and contact information readily available to your team.

Deliver Exceptional Service

Transform how you engage with your customers

Customers have become increasingly informed about service and support and support and expect the organizations they do business with to be equally as insightful. Customers place high value on the quality of customer service they receive when choosing or remaining loyal to a brand. Since most customer expectations are shaped by previous experiences, companies need to rise to the occasion by continuously meeting or exceeding customer expectations. And if those expectations fall short, most customers show little hesitation in severing the relationship.

Customer service automation can help businesses raise service standards and provide a more responsive and dependable customer experience.  Faster response times, 24-hour support and intuitive issue resolution are all key to customer retention.  And business need to provide all of this while controlling internal costs, unburdening their customer service teams, and eliminating human errors.  Customer service automation provides businesses with tools that automatically perform simple or complex tasks to increase efficiency and scale support without sacrificing quality.


Exceed Customer Expectations with Sales and Customer Service Automation


Provide self-service options

Virtual agents and community portals allow customers to quickly address and resolve issues.


Personalize experiences

A 360-degree view of customer profiles allows customers to engage on their terms, lets agents anticipate customer needs and provides the ability to automatically assign requests to the best representative.


Drive customer loyalty

Increase agent effectiveness and team collaboration while delivering personalized experiences and improving case management.


Increase agent productivity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered suggestions help agents get answers faster, easily multitask, quickly act on customer feedback and streamline the knowledge-search experience.


Optimize service operations

Detect emerging trends and automation opportunities across support topics, agents, engagement channels and knowledge management to enhance support delivery.


Evolve field service management

Innovate business models by transitioning from reactive to proactive customer support and encouraging effortless self-service.

Automating your sales and customer service practices will bring together the entire sales team and facilitate the buyer experience.  With over 25 years of experience in workflow automation and custom application development, i3solutions has the expertise you need to realize seamless end-to-end sales and customer service experiences.  Contact us today to get started on your automation journey.