What is Microsoft Dynamics Case Management?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 case management is a small but powerful part of the Dynamics 365 Service Module. A lot of the tools in the suite focus on how to truly get customer service right, what businesses really need to do is exceed the expectations of the customer.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite designed to help companies strive for success and progress across all aspects of their business, from sales to field service management. But a huge and essential part of the process is getting customer service right – which is where Microsoft Dynamics case management comes in.

The case management module allows businesses to keep clear records of customer cases, make them accessible across the organization, and allow them to easily be escalated all while logging each interaction between the customer and the business. For anyone involved in customer services, all of those things are invaluable.

We’ll take a closer look at what the case management aspect of Dynamic 365 does later on, and how it can be used. First, let’s gather an idea of exactly how a custom development company (like ourselves) can help you make the most of what the Dynamics 365 service module has to offer.

The Microsoft Dynamics Customer Service Module: Overview

Here’s what businesses that want to integrate service-centric software into their existing systems will access with the Dynamics 365 Service Module.


Omni-Channel Services

Follow up on sales and build communities based on trust by offering customers seamless and trustworthy communication channels. In the service module, features include conversational AI, interactive communication and self-service solutions that work for both valued customers and the business.

Allow customers access to a vast knowledge hub that helps them to troubleshoot for themselves and removes the strain on support teams. Delivering solutions to customers in the right place at the right time is what customer support is all about. So, as long as you get to the correct solution, intelligent technology can be your support team’s best friend.

Issue Resolution

Customer Issue Resolution

Businesses have the opportunity to immediately resolve any customer queries via knowledge hubs and AI live chat functionality. But, what about when that’s not enough?

With intelligent tech and AI integration, Dynamics 365 helps you to classify, route and prioritize essential customer service tickets.

Automation and professional set-up of software and equipment helps teams to take advantage of this along with many other of Microsoft Dynamics’ wonderfully intuitive features. We offer consulting services to help teams get this installation right, and avoid any hiccups for customers.

Case Management

Case Management

Increase employee efficiency and cross-team collaboration while delivering personalized experiences that drive customer loyalty. Having quick access to essential information not only helps customers but it reduces the workload of your customer support teams and can speed up calls.

Key benefits of Case Management include the ability to:

  • Make service history visible across the organization
  • Access up-to-date customer communication to assist with better-informed interactions
  • Enhance internal processes and easily manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Keep track of service ROI through reporting
Field Service

Field Service Management

Create proactive operational flows that work for the business and keep services running efficiently.

The Field Service management features allow business leaders to efficiently manage worker productivity thanks to detailed insights and reporting that can advise crucial decisions. Leaders can identify potential problem areas and address them before the rest of the business sees the knock-on effect which is, of course, also great for customers.

Customer Service Hub

Customer Service Hub

Multiple interface options allow you to efficiently monitor your workload and get a top-level view of progress for informed decision-making.

You can access ‘to-do’s’ through timelines, lists and other useful dashboards that make managing customer cases simple. Customer service agents will be able to clearly see urgent tasks or trends that will help them to work more efficiently and provide excellent service to customers.

Customer Voice

Dynamics 365 Customer Voice

Quickly generate dynamic customer feedback data and learn what clients value and where customer service is winning (and losing) with customers. These invaluable insights are a huge benefit to ambitious businesses that are constantly striving to be the very best in the market.

A huge part of a successful launch of a new internal system is to get support teams and management on board by ensuring it functions correctly with other essential software in the business. We help businesses turn Dynamics into a powerful cloud platform that incorporates Teams, Power Apps, Power BI, SharePoint Online and Microsoft Flow for a well-rounded system that helps businesses thrive.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Case Managment

Cases are incident-based occurrences in a business and they can be related to both internal and external events. Typically, a case will represent a customer and the case handler will be an account manager, support assistant or customer service representative.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Case Management, part of the customer service module, provides businesses with all of the tools needed to create seamless customer experiences, and they’re particularly impactful when they can be properly integrated with existing internal systems.

The module provides incident-based tracking, created by a customer service representative, that allows businesses to track a query, issue or question from initial customer contact up until resolution.

Use Cases for Dynamics 365 Case Management

This module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is most commonly used for help desks and support teams. The ability to track and add vital details to individual support tickets or cases is an invaluable tool for any customer services team.


Top Features of Dynamics 365 Case Management:Case management Support Tickets

  • Create uniquely identifiable and trackable support cases
  • Escalate or reassign a case to another member of a support team or management along with a record of all interactions
  • Re-add a case to the services queue if not enough information has been provided saving valuable time for support teams without losing track of customer requests
  • Quickly check customer details including any entitlements to support
  • Cases can be automatically created from an email, streamlining the entire support process with the correct automation in place
  • Teams can create ‘parent’ and ‘child’ cases for more in-depth issues or multiple issues related to a specific case
  • When a case is logged on a CRM by the system, a customer services representative can be automatically notified based on predefined rules and links created with CRMs and other internal systems
  • Customers can also receive automatic responses to notify them of any actions to be taken
  • Managers are able to control and analyze customer service standards through dashboard reporting

Many industries can benefit from using case management functionality in Dynamic 365, and some of the uses are very unique and industry (or even business) specific. Personalized implementation of case management or any other Dynamic 365 module can greatly increase the efficiency of the software.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Case Management for Healthcare Companies:

 Healthcare companies can benefit from a well integrated case management system in a number of ways. Not only will the software allow the tracking of patient cases, but it will allow a wider and more unified approach with clear records of interaction accessible to multiple departments or individuals within facilities.

Case management can also be a useful tool for billing, particularly where facilities are put under more pressure to provide up-front costing information that must be consistent and easily accessed.


Dynamics 365 Case Management for Helplines:

Call centers or helplines can speak to thousands of customers each and every day. Being able to efficiently organize cases while ensuring that none fall through the cracks is absolutely key to providing excellent customer service and maintaining your brand’s reputation.

A key feature for this industry is to be able to easily move cases between agents and escalate any special requests to the relevant teams, something that is seamless with Dynamics 365.

dynamics 365 custom developmentHow to Start Optimizing Customer Service

Deciding on a platform might seem simple, but the difficult part can be implementing it and choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 Case Management company to help. Luckily, there are ways to make even off-the-shelf customer service software work for almost any business.

At i3solutions, we offer consultation to IT and management teams looking to make an impactful change. Not only can we advise on using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your company, but we can also help by customizing and expanding the software with Microsoft Power Platform and other integrations to make sure it works seamlessly for your business.  Contact us today and let i3solutions help you improve your customer service experience.