Advanced Capabilities for Better Decision-Making

We have spent over 20 years gaining insights into the way people use information, share data among teams, and how business processes can be automated. As a result, i3solutions brings a unique set of skills to all of our engagements to allow each project to go beyond a simple software deployment. Employing our proven agile methodology, i3solutions works with clients to understand their unique needs, daily challenges, organizational culture, work habits, and business processes. This information is then incorporated into the industry-leading technologies from IBM to provide dynamic and personalized solutions designed to meet both current needs and future demands.

Innovate, Migrate and Modernize

Gain competitive advantage with the most innovative technology available.

Blending cognitive computing tools with advanced analytics and automated workflow capabilities, i3solutions helps government, intelligence community and military leaders gain better insight into their operating environments. Our Joint Collaboration Information Platform (JCIP)™ solution, targeted specifically to support National Security initiatives and powered by IBM Technology, is a modular and highly customizable data fusion platform that can be used for all kinds of use cases. By integrating our distinctive capabilities and technologies into a ”single pane of glass,” JCIP enables leaders, analysts, and operations to have a holistic view of their environments and merges structured, unstructured, internal, external and public content to uncover trends and patterns that improve awareness and decision-making.


i3solutions also leverages our IBM Kenexa partnership to design and implement comprehensive Human Resources solutions to help bring new efficiencies and outreach to all organizations. We see many organizations struggling to attract and retain the very best employees, so i3solutions is implementing solutions to infuse Marketing strategies into Recruiting to give companies a true advantage in their hiring processes. i3solutions is also applying cutting-edge Employee Onboarding and Training solutions to increase employee engagement and growth. This ultimately impacts loyalty to the employer. These Kenexa solutions are built on a Social platform so employees can use these tools when and where they want, and on any mobile device.


i3solutions has invested the time and resources to become experts on the different IBM platforms so that we can be the trusted IBM experts that your organization needs.  For more information on our IBM solutions and consulting services, please contact us at