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For organizations that wish to transform their business operations and accelerate digital transformation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the all-in-one solution of choice. Backed by a full suite of intelligent tools and applications, Dynamics 365 is designed to help organizations run their entire business and achieve big results through software development, customizations, workflows, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven insights and integrations with mission critical data sources.

Are you concerned that your business is not equipped with the right tools to overcome operations and customer fulfilment challenges? Or would your business simply benefit from an integrated platform that delivers marketing, sales, and customer service excellence backed by predictive AI?

i3solutions helps organizations realize seamless operations and improved customer fulfilment through our Microsoft Dynamics 365 software development, consulting services, and custom integration services. As a certified Microsoft Gold Partner, our consultants are Microsoft experts able to help you eliminate multiple standalone apps, get connected and take a data-first approach to deliver insights and actions that create better customer experiences.

Dynamics 365Connect your entire business with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a portfolio of inter-connected business applications and services. The platform comes with modular, pre-built applications that empower you to drive excellence and customer satisfaction across all your business units including Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Chain Management, Commerce, and Human Resources. Dynamics 365 offers these applications and services in Software as a Service (SaaS) format designed to enable smoother business operations and help you transform your core business activities.

Dynamics 365 is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and is natively integrated with Microsoft 365 productivity apps. These applications are made to work together – and with your existing systems – for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business so you connect with every customer. Essentially, the platform fits into your existing ecosystem like a glove, allowing you to enjoy native integrations with SharePoint, Office 365, Power Platform, and practically any other instances you prefer.

With Dynamics 365, you ensure that your business units have the exact tools they need to work with its Power Apps integration that allows you to extend business application capabilities using a low-code drag-and-drop interface. With Dynamics 365, organizations can help their employees become truly productive while delivering performance that creates happy customers.

Dynamics 365’s Azure framework means the platform benefits from Azure’s 99.9% availability. You can trust that your people will never be left without their best tools. In addition, the platform supports granular administration controls and identity-based security using Azure Active Directory.

The platform is also integrated into Microsoft Dataverse (formerly the Common Data Service) as well as the Common Data Model. This means that all of your services and applications share the same data and logic, making ecosystem-wide integration and collaboration effortless.

Agility without limits

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is both customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It combines ERP and CRM functions, allowing organizations to integrate their business logic, data, and processes across sales and marketing. So, instead of having siloed operations across departments, the platform offers an automated, integrated, and intelligent approach that enables seamless conversion of leads into paying customers.

Keep in mind that Dynamics 365 is not a single software product. Instead, it is a collection of inter-connected business applications and services that provide CRM and ERP capabilities, alongside operational functionalities that stretch across your entire business.

A complete ecosystem

Both Dynamics 365 and Office 365 are part of Microsoft’s business application ecosystem.  Dynamics provides accounting, ERP, and CRM capabilities while Office 365 provides the full suite of Office tools that enable productivity and collaboration including OneNote, Outlook, Access, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

Together, they are referred to as Microsoft 365 products and designed primarily to help you get work done. Just like Dynamics, Office 365 is not a standalone application. Instead, it is a suite of inter-connected software products with varying capabilities for different tasks. Likewise, both platforms employ a Common Data Model, meaning there are wide possibilities for cross functionality between Dynamics and Office products.

Dynamics 365 offers tools to help you accomplish core business tasks like customer service, human resources, supply chain management etc., Office 365 provides productivity tools that support these tasks and enhance collaboration. Office tools include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and other applications that help accomplish everyday office tasks.

Dynamics also provides considerable integration possibilities with Power Platform, Microsoft’s suite of low-code and process development – Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and Power Virtual Agents. Both Dynamics and Power tools are built on the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure, and both platforms use Microsoft Dataverse to pull up and exploit business data.

Power Platform is engineered to provide rapid low-code software and process development capabilities to organizations. Where software development, process creation, or business data analysis would have taken weeks or months, Power Platform makes this possible in days. Dynamics does not possess the low-code capabilities that Power products offer, but the extensive integration potential allows you to use Dynamics 365 elements from within the low-code environment of the Power Platform apps.

PowerApps and Dynamics work well together to help organizations achieve success. With PowerApps, organizations can create applications that automate core business tasks, drawing on Dynamics 365 elements available within the PowerApps platform.

Both PowerApps and Dynamics 365 offer complementary functionalities for organizations that want the best of both worlds. Due to its relatively technical environment, Dynamics products may not be easy to use for everyone in your organization. Certain users might get turned around by the range of functions in any one of the Dynamics products, and this might frustrate productivity where narrow functionality is required. With PowerApps, organizations can rapidly spin up task-focused applications that link directly to Dynamics 365 and allow people quickly get work done without the confusion of the full range of Dynamics functionalities. In this way, PowerApps provides a user-friendly frontend while Dynamics 365 products constitute the backend where the work gets done.

Accelerate the success of your business with Dynamics 365

i3solutions’ Microsoft Dynamics 365 consulting services are designed to deliver systems that accelerate the success of your business. Our consultants deliver a consultation and implementation experience centered around the following success factors:

  • Business-wide excellence: A Dynamics 365 implementation provisions your business units with the tools they need to excel, all in one powerhouse platform. Whether you choose to implement off-the-shelf capabilities or customize solutions fitted to your core business needs, our consultants will help you deploy an instance that enables and propels success.
  • Quality user experience: Seamless workflows, task-specific features, and a user-friendly interface are the hallmark of our Dynamics 365 implementation services. The platform gives your people everything they need to do great work; i3solutions ensures those tools make their work as enjoyable and seamless as possible.
  • Secure customer data: Built on the Azure cloud infrastructure, Dynamics 365 protects and secures your confidential customer data. Using the granular administrative controls on the platform, our security experts will deliver a solution that meets your data privacy and access standards.
  • Seamless ecosystem integration: Dynamics 365 is natively integrated into Dataverse, ensuring seamless integration with all your data pools and systems. i3solutions can advise on faultless integration with all of your customer and business data across your entire IT infrastructure.
  • Scalable and agile solutions: Whether you have 250,000 clients or 2.5 million, Dynamics 365 has the bandwidth to support almost endless expansion. i3solutions has successfully advised on and delivered multiple instances with rapidly expanding user bases.
  • Powerful performance: Through our consultation and implementation services, our consultants can help you turn Dynamics 365 into a potent business enabler that performs smoothly under expected loads.

Transform your business capabilities with Dynamics 365

While Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be ready-to-use in certain instances, understanding your business needs and choosing the right implementation strategy can be key to a successful deployment. i3solutions’ group of Dynamics 365 experts has the experience and know-how to help you plan, deploy, and maintain a solution that helps increase customer success and business efficiency.

Leverage our broad Dynamics 365 consulting and implementation offerings to drive solutions that help unlock the value of this 360-degree platform.

Consulting services: Our Dynamics 365 consulting services are designed to help you solve the problems that matter to you. This includes evaluating the state of your business and where a Dynamics 365 deployment can bring benefits, as well as advising on the optimal mix of functionalities for business success.

Migration and integration: Whether you intend to move on from a legacy system or migrate your business operations from an earlier Dynamics 365 instance, our consultants can help you achieve a seamless transfer. Too often, migrations and integrations of this nature end up with missing datasets, duplicate entries, or misaligned sets of business logic. Our team of consultants has the expertise and real-world experience to deliver a faultless transition.

Implementation, customization, and upgrades: i3solutions offers a broad selection of Dynamics 365 deployment services to help you take full advantage of the platform. We help you build on and extend the capabilities of each Dynamics 365 business application through a mix of low-code/custom software development geared towards specific business needs. This includes custom workflow development, dashboard and role center enhancement, development and customization of plug-ins, integration with parallel systems, and more.

Customer relationship management: We assist with Dynamics 365 CRM deployment, migration, integration, and development both in the cloud and on-premise. Our services include assistance with upgrades from earlier CRM models and cross-migration or integration between complementary CRM products. If you are considering moving your customer fulfilment solution to Dynamics CRM or wish to build custom capabilities on your existing solution, i3solutions can work alongside you to strategize, configure, and customize the solution.

Managed services and support: Fully unchaining the benefits of Dynamics 365 requires an ongoing strategy that involves continuous monitoring and access to expert help on-the-go. i3solutions’ Dynamics 365 managed services provisions your IT team with in-depth support and expertise to quickly resolve issues and ensure your deployment lifts off smoothly.

Training: No deployment is truly successful until your talent is comfortable with the instance and provisioned with the information to move forward. To ensure that your people have the skills and expertise to solve their own problems, i3solutions provides ongoing training for self-service and user adoption.


Let i3solutions help you achieve business excellence

Infuse new life into your business operations and customer service with i3solutions’ Dynamics 365 consulting services. Contact our consultants today to learn how we can help you take advantage of the Dynamics 365 suite and achieve excellence in your business.