SharePoint Consulting Services

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a popular software option for ambitious businesses that want to make collaboration and information management simple across the entire company. Even though SharePoint is a very functional and well-integrated software system, it isn’t the easiest to set up if you want to fully utilize its functionality – and this is where SharePoint consulting services can be a game-changer.

Microsoft SharePoint is primarily a document management and storage system that powers workforce collaboration. This highly adaptable Microsoft product may be quickly changed and set up to leverage its additional capabilities, without having to write any proprietary code. More than 190 million people use SharePoint worldwide, and 85% of Fortune 500 firms maintain a SharePoint presence. Many users, however, only use SharePoint as a document management system, missing out on several key capabilities it offers.

i3solutions’ SharePoint consulting services bridge the gap between SharePoint developers and users to assist enterprises and individuals in maximizing the potential of SharePoint.


Why Choose SharePoint for Your Business?

sharepoint consulting serviesOperational efficiency is paramount in today’s digital environment and SharePoint is a powerful tool that organizations utilize to streamline processes, enhance collaboration, and maximize productivity. Most businesses already have it included as part of their existing Microsoft subscription package, so it can be a fairly cost-effective option. With the help of an experienced SharePoint consultant like i3solutions, you can create a product tailored to the needs of your business and make the most of the many features that this Microsoft product has to offer.


SharePoint Sites

SharePoint sites offer a range of opportunities for companies choosing to take advantage of the flexibility of the software. They’re easily accessible from anywhere and the simplicity of sharing knowledge, files and shortcuts makes it an extremely popular way to build an intranet, with over 190 million people using SharePoint for this purpose.

An intranet portal offers a knowledge base for your team where you can share updates, encourage engagement, and create a knowledge hub that can improve efficiency and reduce errors.


Collaborative Working

In a world where we are experiencing a new way of working with employers offering remote opportunities to staff and freelance workers, this simple and flexible collaboration tool can be key to creating a cohesive team that is both productive and fulfilled in the work that they do.

SharePoint is ideal for teams that need to work collaboratively. You can work on a single file from multiple locations without experiencing latency.  A well-set-up SharePoint system can also provide opportunities for collaborative to-do lists, project management and the simple sharing of files (including large files that cannot be emailed and files with unusual extensions.)



Content Management

Content management can be a significant challenge for any team. SharePoint offers a solution that, with the correct setup, allows businesses to easily manage and distribute content.

It easily integrates with the wider Microsoft suite and offers collaborative and shareable content solutions. This is perfect for content that needs input from multiple parties or even needs approval before distribution. i3solutions will be able to help you get the most from the software and streamline processes to make producing and distributing content more efficient.


Project Management

As a central hub for all of your content and knowledge, and with built-in integrations for things like task lists, calendars and more, SharePoint can offer a scalable project management solution for your business.

SharePoint consulting can help businesses understand what is possible when it comes to collaboration and project management, and i3solutions can help you implement solutions designed to help your business succeed.


Information Rights Management

Businesses often store sensitive information about clients and the business itself. With a properly set up document management structure, you are able to manage user roles and provide secure access to all of the information needed at different management levels.

i3solutions offers SharePoint consulting to help businesses use the core features of the SharePoint software and ensure it can be further developed to meet your unique business needs. Alongside development and setup, we can also ensure that SharePoint is integrated with existing internal systems and provide ongoing support to ensure SharePoint is operating the way you need it to.  Speak to our team to uncover the SharePoint features and uses that are right for you.


Automated Workflows

Offering competitive features for workflow management, SharePoint allows users to schedule workflows to run daily. A single process automation can increase the ROI of businesses tremendously by strengthening operational efficiency. Out-of-the-box SharePoint only has five workflows that can be used to automate basic business processes like document management and approval. However, there’s no limit to the processes you can automate when you configure or customize SharePoint, and we are here to walk you through your SharePoint customization process. Our SharePoint Consulting experts will identify your business requirements, existing technologies, and your process automation strategy while considering the extent of your business’s digital transformation.


Knowledge Management

Microsoft SharePoint serves several amazing uses, one of which is knowledge management. SharePoint powers integration with data classification tools to improve its knowledge management capabilities but this can only be accomplished by an extension of the product’s out-of-the-box capabilities via customization and configuration. With the help of our expert SharePoint consultants, businesses can realize their knowledge management criteria for daily operations. By leveraging on the highly configurable product, our experts can create the ideal knowledge management system for your business.

Using SharePoint to Scale Business Processes in Industries

Many industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, legal, energy, and finance use SharePoint  to scale business processes. This Microsoft application, which is primarily a document management system, can be configured to serve streamlined processes based on industry needs.


SharePoint Consulting IndustriesManufacturing

SharePoint powers cost-effective digital transformation in the manufacturing sector by allowing manufacturers to establish a secure connection to any data source using the SharePoint portal. Manufacturers can seamlessly integrate their ERP and CRM systems with document management software to improve customer service and streamline operations. SharePoint can also be used to create automated workflows in supply chain management and quality management. The platform can automatically approve invoices, view and edit orders, and manage return merchandise authorizations (RMAs).



The healthcare sector is understaffed and, as such, healthcare providers are eager to facilitate automation in their processes to ease the work burden of response staff and frontline workers. SharePoint powers process automation, widely known to improve visibility and collaboration in the healthcare sector. SharePoint can also be used to maintain a central repository for storing documents and increasing accessibility. SharePoint-based intranets have also notably improved the quality of healthcare, averting critical issues by providing real-time emergency updates to staff. It is also useful in contract management, case management, and even policy management, which ensures regulatory (HIPAA) compliance.



Law firms can take advantage of SharePoint’s powerful document and knowledge management capabilities. SharePoint has advanced search functionalities which can be configured further to increase its capability. It also has features for document approval and signature collection, providing a reliable document trail. SharePoint provides accessibility for law firms as it uses the Azure cloud to backup and store data. Beyond accessibility, security is of utmost importance in the legal sector. Using SharePoint as a document management system, law firms can set parameters for who can access the data and documents on their systems,  as well as monitor the activities of those who have access to the documents. All these functionalities can be improved upon through SharePoint customization to cater to your business’ critical needs.



Automating repetitive recordkeeping and accounting tasks with SharePoint allows staff to focus on more productive activities that lead to business growth. Organizations in the finance sector can centralize these functions and map out and automate workflows using SharePoint. SharePoint can also be useful in tracking and approving tasks, making intelligent financial forecasts, and developing powerful visual reports on businesses. SharePoint also powers data management in the finance sector with advanced functionalities for data capture, integration, and regulatory compliance.

Why Do You Need SharePoint Consulting Services?

A SharePoint consultant will help identify your pain points, and help devise, implement, and support a solution that optimizes your workflow, aids collaboration and creates an intranet where your workforce can find everything they need to succeed.

SharePoint comes out-of-the-box with one basic functionality: document management. Businesses would need to hire a SharePoint developer’s services to gain distinct offerings from off-the-shelf SharePoint. Although the SharePoint developer is skilled at configuring and customizing SharePoint, they are not familiar with your company’s demands or its problems. You require a SharePoint consultant for this reason and more.

  • Create the SharePoint Vision: With the help of our SharePoint consulting services, you will be guided through several options and functionalities that may be modified or set up to meet your company’s unique requirements.
  • Organize SharePoint Development: Similar to a management consultant, SharePoint consulting would assist with planning the architecture, development, deployment, and maintenance of various SharePoint technologies.
  • Encourage User Adoption: To get the most out of using the platform, SharePoint consultants assist with employee training to increase their comfort and confidence. They also carry out troubleshooting to guarantee that a SharePoint migration runs well.
  • Provide innovative and practical solutions and support: Our SharePoint specialists are knowledgeable in SharePoint integration and can give your company the support it needs. Additionally, they establish cutting-edge integration ideas that boost your company’s revenue.

The i3solutions Approach to SharePoint Consulting

We have a unique and valuable approach to SharePoint consulting, and it involves a diverse array of services that we have developed over our many years of advising businesses just like yours.

These services include:

i3solutions’ SharePoint consulting services are unique in their depth and variety. Our highly skilled team can help with the entire process.


sharepoint consulting process

Here’s how we tackle SharePoint consulting:


AnalyzeGetting an IT project right is crucial to the success and day-to-day operations of a business.  We use over 25 years of experience to help identify pain points and suggest solutions to ensure systems run more smoothly and help the business to succeed.  Our knowledge extends beyond just this system, so we analyze your operations and offer insight into how SharePoint can be integrated with other software and IT solutions to help your business.


DesignWe help you design highly efficient systems that incorporate SharePoint and your existing internal (and cloud-based) software and create a plan to implement changes with minimal disruption.


DevelopSharePoint can offer businesses a wide range of functionality, but like any other software, it can be adapted and developed to better suit the needs of the business. SharePoint Development services are a key part of the process when it comes to ensuring the software works for you.


ImplementWe help with action plans and implementing exceptional systems. Changing systems at scale takes a lot of planning and preparation.  Therefore, vital to its success is a controlled skillful transition where all systems function seamlessly together.


DeliverDelivery of a software project is all about ensuring minimal disruption for maximum impact. We deliver high-quality SharePoint solutions that help businesses become more efficient and help teams work together.


TrainOne of the biggest barriers to new software success is a lack of training. Because we work with your business from the beginning to understand how your teams use the software, we are able to offer tailored training to help businesses achieve the most from their new software systems.


Support and MaintenanceAs well as SharePoint consulting, we can offer ongoing support and maintenance for your systems. This includes updates, technical support, and additional SharePoint development work to make the systems go further.

Unlock SharePoint’s Capabilities with i3solutions’ SharePoint Consulting Services

SharePoint consulting with i3solutions provides your business with an opportunity to draw on our 25 years of experience in creating software solutions that work for our clients. Let us assist you in getting the most out of SharePoint with industry-specific solutions streamlined to optimize processes in your business.  Our SharePoint consulting services help businesses and individuals access the unique functionality of SharePoint by showing them how to use the platform’s features to solve real-world process challenges.

Our premium consulting service, delivered by industry leaders with decades of IT experience, offers cost-effective solutions and end-to-end customization to businesses. Our unique approach to SharePoint consulting sets the pace for greater user adoption and long-term cost optimization. Our SharePoint consultants can see the big picture and plan ahead to assist developers in building highly scalable systems. We leverage third-party tools and SharePoint development to create custom SharePoint applications that cater to our clients’ business-critical needs.

We guide businesses through SharePoint development, SharePoint integration, and SharePoint migration to provide extended functionality to them as well as offer support along the way.   To learn more about how our SharePoint consulting services can help your business become more efficient and implement a powerful new tool, get in touch today.