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Your tired systems can no longer compete.  Newer versions are easier to use, almost certainly offer better features, and are compatible with a wider array of cutting edge software. Even if your legacy system is still supported, it may be monopolizing IT resources. In other words, your old system is a drain on your business. Eventually, you will need to consider a legacy migration and modernization strategy to replace, supplement, or improve your existing systems.

i3solutions’ has almost 25 years’ experience planning migrations that meet the complex business needs of our customers.  Whether you need cloud migration services  or are planning a Microsoft 365 or SharePoint Migration, we can manage your transition with virtually no down time.

Envision New Capabilities

Strategic plans to take your business into the future.

Migration services to define your migration strategy

Migration is simply the shifting of data or software from one system to another. This could be data migration, application migration, operating system migration, and/or cloud migration. To understand what type of migration is needed to best suit your company’s objectives, a thoughtful and strategic migration strategy is critical.

While migrating your legacy systems can seem daunting, the effort reaps huge benefits to your business. Newer systems allow you to keep up with current technologies, better manage and protect sensitive data as well as increase the performance and competitiveness to gain greater business value.  Contact us today to start working on your migration strategy.