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i3solutions provides IT, augmented IT, and helpdesk services to organizations of all sizes. With 25 years of experience in IT, i3solutions has broad software development and IT support expertise in a range of modern and classic technologies. We have the experience and know-how to assume your IT burden, allowing you to focus critical resources on growing your business in other aspects.

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i3solutions Augmented IT & Helpdesk  Support Services

In a typical organization, the information technology department (IT) provides the technical support that efficient daily operations require. IT’s job includes maintaining company IT resources such as servers, the technology stack, and other physical tech assets. It also provides user support, attends to help requests, and keeps all departmental IT assets running at full capacity.

However, some organizations are taking a creative approach to their IT requirements due to the sometimes prohibitive costs of maintaining an internal IT department and the complexity of hiring for these roles. This includes obtaining IT support services from professional third-party firms. i3solutions offers augmented IT and Helpdesk Services to support these needs. Our different types of IT support services, include:

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Cloud services: Unleash your business and employees with i3solutions’ cloud support services. With the advent of cloud technology and cloud migrations, business has become more mobile than ever. But companies cannot enjoy the added mobility and convenience of the cloud without the know-how of a committed IT department. i3solutions can support your business with cloud management and support services, including employee access provisioning and coordination of resource use amongst co-located or distributed teams.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Backup solutions: Organizational data is an important asset that requires consistent and always-on protection. i3solutions provides business-critical backup solutions like server backup, file backup, and desktop backup to protect and preserve crucial data assets. Where needed, our consultants can also aid data recovery and retrieval operations to ensure your most critical data resources are available on-demand and as needed.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Monitoring: i3solutions can help monitor organizational networks, computers, internet traffic, and other internet-connected devices. We can assist in tracking and identifying access to business information and monitoring what information different team members can access. Our monitoring service also helps companies track systems or software that must be updated, thereby ensuring that all systems are at peak performance and optimized for high productivity.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Network security: i3solutions offers network security services to help businesses protect their network from unaccredited access. Cybersecurity is a significant threat to modern businesses, and companies without a dedicated IT department can be especially at risk. i3solutions can help secure your network through our network security services, including building firewalls, installing virtual private networks, installing antivirus software, and performing regular network maintenance.

Augmented IT services

Augmented IT services are perfect for small or growing businesses. This service model steps in to support an often understaffed team with IT skills and service offerings that ensure your business processes operate seamlessly.

With the support of augmented IT services, your organization can maintain a full-time IT team sized to fit your budget, while enjoying full-strength technical assistance. Rather than spend a fortune hiring full-time IT professionals to handle various IT aspects, you can maintain your small team while partnering with i3solutions for augmented IT services.

Here are some of the advantages that augmented IT services can bring to your business:

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Lower operating costs: Many businesses struggle with the costs of maintaining a large IT department. With i3solutions’ augmented IT services, our clients receive a cost-effective and flexible staffing option. Our services enable organizations to plan and receive IT support that meets the ebb and flow of business without the costs associated with full-time hiring.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Improve business efficiency: The scope and scale of required IT support can change several times annually for seasonal businesses or growing companies. Such businesses risk a shortfall in technical support during peak periods or wasted IT resources once demand scales down. Our augmented IT services deliver a flexible support option that scales up and down as business demands require, enabling an efficient and productive business process.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Stimulate business growth: Growing businesses face multiple growth-related barriers, including finance, customer retention, and gaining market share. Inadequate IT resources should not be another obstacle to growth. Whether you require niche IT knowledge to scale your offerings or broader IT support to keep up with growth, i3solutions’ augmented IT services can help fill your IT gap.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Obtain competitive advantage: With our augmented services, organizations can keep operations lean, fast, and agile, letting them maintain the right mix for rapid growth.

Helpdesk Services

Organizational IT departments spend most of their time attending to user requests. But with a strained IT budget, it’s harder to maintain a standby team to handle these requests while monitoring and maintaining IT infrastructure.

i3solutions’ helpdesk services provide full-time user and helpdesk support for organizations. Our services include IT support helpdesk, customer service helpdesk, and business helpdesk.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

IT support helpdesk: Our IT support helpdesk offering consists of dedicated internal staff dealing with routine issues from password resets or lockouts to more complex scenarios like network outages and downtime.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Customer service helpdesk: Customer-facing helpdesk services focus on receiving and resolving customer troubleshooting requests.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Business helpdesk: Our business helpdesk services provide active IT support to business units, such as legal, human resources and finance. We can collaborate with internal departments to troubleshoot, and set up solutions to handle payroll, contract management, employee onboarding/offboarding, etc.

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Benefits of i3solutions’ Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Some of the benefits of leveraging i3solutions’ managed IT services include:

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Around-the-clock technical support: Without a standby support team, network outages and other IT problems can be overwhelming. Working with i3solutions alleviates your IT burden and ensures you can receive the support your business needs to run smoothly.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Increased productivity: Hiring IT i3solutions to handle your IT needs and issues gives your staff more time to handle other activities and increases your business productivity. It also reduces your business downtime because the IT service does not only cover solving problems but also preventing them and maintaining infrastructure.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Cost savings: Managed and augmented IT services save on operational costs in the long run since they remove the need for outsized or extensively staffed internal IT departments. Likewise, these services are affordable for small businesses and provide cost-effective solutions for larger organizations.

Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services

Tighter security: Cyber security is a principal concern for businesses today, considering the threat of malicious actors, virus attacks, and system crashes. IT services from specialist firms like i3solutions provide organizations with best-in-class knowledge and procedures that help combat these threat factors.

Why choose i3solutions for Augmented IT & Helpdesk Services?

i3solutions offers a wide array of IT services that lighten your organization’s IT burden and position business units for success. Here’s why i3solutions is your IT partner of choice:

  • Dedicated IT support team comprised of US-based resources that either hold active security clearances or are fully clearable
  • Solid track record including commercial and government agency IT helpdesk and augmented services
  • Internal automated ticketing service desk solution provided by i3solutions or obtain support using your existing solution
  • Options for augmented or surge support coverage that is fully customizable and scalable as your needs change
  • Flexible SLAs including options for your preferred SLA requirements or i3solutions standard SLA
  • Knowledge transfer to your team – as we can show them how we solved the problem, enriching your team’s development and internal ability to support your company’s needs.
  • Dedicated team to retain your company’s corporate knowledge and processes
  • Prepaid packaged deals for discounts (end of year funds, etc.)
  • Wide service coverage including Microsoft, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Okta technologies