Power Platform Software Development

More often than not, fast and simple is better – especially when it comes to technology solutions. This is the advantage of the Microsoft Power Platform.Power Platform software development

Our Power Platform software development and custom application development services helps organizations plan and deliver no-code/low-code end-to-end solutions with the Microsoft Power Platform. Leveraging a potent mix of Power BI, Power Automate, Power Apps, and Power Virtual Agents lets us create practical solutions in less time and at a lower cost.

How would your organization benefit from low-code low-maintenance solutions that help you solve problems quickly and with minimal fuss? We can help you create solutions that immediately benefit you and your clients, and save you valuable resources in the long run.

Even better, we can bring our extensive knowledge about Microsoft and allied ecosystems (Office 365, Azure, Dataverse, Okta, and more) to create solutions that integrate easily into your existing estate and empower you with the tools to scale to your needs.

Build faster with Microsoft Power Platform Software Development

Traditionally, organizations require a team of engineers to build a solution from the ground up. While the development process can be considerably shortened by leveraging already existing tools and specialist consultants, the process is still time consuming and code-heavy.

Power Platform simplifies this. Through its suite of Power tools (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, Power Virtual Agents), organizations can automate processes, carry out data analysis, build entire programs, and more, with minimal knowledge of coding and in rapid time. The platform enables non-technical users to quickly create, automate, and interpret data using in-built drag-and-drop capabilities.

At its core, Power Platform offers organizations first-rate tools and extensible end-to-end solutions that let them create apps, automate processes, analyze data, and engage with their end users in a seamless process. The extensibility of the platform is a major advantage since it lets enterprises simply plug their power solutions into their already existing infrastructure across a range of ecosystems. No need to spend hundreds of hours migrating or integrating solutions from one system to another.

Even with modern development approaches such as Agile Development, significant time can pass before the first Minimum Viable Produce (MVP) is delivered to users.

Power Apps provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) development experience so you can quickly create a usable version of your app.  Users experience a working app early in the development process and new features can easily be added to each new version.

With the low-code capabilities that Power Platform provides, organizations benefit from a shorter and less expensive application development process. While the typical development process will include allowance for migration, integration, extension, user adoption, and management of the delivered solution, Power Platform removes or reduces the need for many of these instances.

Applications and processes developed through Power Platform already exist within a cloud-native environment. They can be seamlessly extended with Azure and integrated with hundreds of other tools within the Microsoft Dataverse. Integration and extensibility are already a significant problem for organizations, with 84% of enterprises finding integration and migration an obstacle to implementing digital change initiatives.

Since the solutions fostered by the platform are no-code/low-code, user adoption can progress at a much faster rate, meaning you spend less time and money on helping end users learn the delivered instance. Finally, management of the solution will ultimately cost less as the platform eliminates the need for a dedicated team of maintenance technicians.

At i3solutions, our experienced consultants can help you understand how Power Platform can support your organization for success. With Power Platform, we will support, build, and publish your app or processes in less time, equipping you with the tools you need to work swiftly and effectively.

Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps empowers everyone in your organization to build, deploy, and manage effective solutions with little to no coding experience. All of your people, from professional developers to business analysts, can work efficiently together and solve your most challenging problems with tools that are simple and easy to use.

With Power Apps, you can build solutions for real world problems in hours, deploy them to web or mobile devices, and plug them into your existing software estate with only a few clicks.

As Microsoft explains, “Power Apps enables a broad range of app scenarios to be created that infuse digital transformation into manual and outdated processes.” If your business has been struggling to innovate or implement change initiatives at scale, the platform provides you with the tools to transform your business.

For organizations that have broader needs than the simple pre-built templates and drag-and-drop capabilities that Power Apps provides, the platform also enables deep customization through canvas and model-specific apps. You can customize every single detail of your solution to optimize for particular roles and workflows.

Power Automate

While Power Apps enables you to turn ideas into applications in a fast and simple no/low-code environment, Power Automate (previously called Microsoft Flow) empowers you to accomplish more on auto-pilot.

Automation has always been an imperative for organizations looking to achieve greater efficiency and productivity. Until recently, the power of automation was only available with extensive coding knowledge and the expertise to chart and deliver complex workflows that transform repetitive tasks. But with Power Automate, organizations can quickly speed up their repetitive business workflows and build low-code solutions to time-intensive, monotonous tasks.

Power Automate provides a simple drag-and-drop interface that non-technical users can leverage to build and automate powerful workflows. The platform automates repetitive tasks through a combination of robotic and process automation technologies. Added to this, Power Automate also leverages many of the same data connectors available throughout the rest of Power Platform, meaning organizations can automatically accomplish tasks triggered from other services such as Office 365.

i3solutions can help you learn where automation best benefits your business and assist you with planning, executing, delivering a solution that works for you.

Power BI

Power BI improves the way your organization collects, digests, and uses the complex data you produce. For organizations looking to evolve along with the Big Data revolution, Power BI gives you the tools and support to transform your raw data into actionable insights that impact your bottom line now.

Swift and informed decision making are critical in an unpredictable environment. With Power BI, Microsoft has condensed the complexities of data analytics into a no-code app that produces the quality business intelligence and insights you need to make faster informed decisions. Through intelligent reporting tools that analyze your data and automatically create relationships, you can monitor your business performance in near real-time and make your data work for you in ways you didn’t know were possible.

Data inputs can be configured from multiple sources, including other solutions within the Power Platform and hundreds of external systems. You can connect to databases of your choice, upload data from spreadsheets, or leverage existing data points from Microsoft to populate comprehensive dashboards. Power BI allows you customize what data you want to see, and when, and make sense of it all with visual tools that help create powerful reports.


Power Virtual Agents

Even as you rapidly build apps, automate them, and distil actionable insights from your data, you still need to communicate effectively with your end users and customers. Power Virtual Agents provides the additional help and tools you need on the front lines, but within the same landscape where your solutions already exist.

With no little to no coding, you can quickly create complex chatbots that provide support to your customers based on your programmed conditions and customer responses. In essence, you can rapidly create your own customer support solution with the tools available to your team through Power Virtual Agents.

You can also integrate Virtual Agents into any of your existing Microsoft systems and allied infrastructure. Using the Power Automate functionalities, you can import these flows into your chatbot and leverage the more than 250 connectors available on Power Platform.

Extend Microsoft Power Apps with Azure and Dataverse

A key aspect of the ease and functionality that Power Platform brings, is its ready integration into hundreds of parallel systems. Applications developed within the platform benefit from their cloud-native environment and can be rapidly scaled using Microsoft Azure. Organizations are able to exploit the ease of the platform’s low-code environment with the flexibility of the cloud using Azure.

At the same time, you can extend the functionality of these applications using Microsoft Dataverse. With hundreds of possible connectors, creating applications and integrating them into multiple environments and use instances has never been easier.

Microsoft Azure Software Development

Microsoft Azure supports organizations with the mobility, speed, and scalability of cloud technology. Even for applications developed outside a cloud-native environment, Azure provides greater usability, better collaboration, and scalability-on-demand. With the cloud-native solutions that are possible using Power Platform, extensibility with Azure not only compounds what you can do with Power tools, it provides limitless possibilities for your organization.

With tools like Azure Synapse Link, organizations can perform predictive analytics, acquire real-time control over operational data, and enrich their existing datasets with other data sources without lacking the space or infrastructure to work.

Microsoft Dataverse Software Development

Microsoft Dataverse is also called Common Data Service or CDS. The platform provides a virtual warehouse where organizations can store their business application data and in turn use this data to build rich solutions in Power Apps. Dataverse uses Azure Active Directory (AD) access and identity management tools to limit access to your sensitive datasets and ensure that only those you authorize can see the data that makes your business tick.

Through Dataverse, organizations can integrate data from multiple sources into a single source of truth, and then funnel this information into Power Platform. The obvious advantage of this is that you can immediately see what your data stores look like, manage input sources in one location, and siphon this data into Power BI to create the actionable insights you need.

Dataverse provides the foundation that allows services and applications to interoperate. From this platform, our experienced consultants can help you scale your applications across your entire software real estate, ensuring that the solutions you create can add benefit elsewhere in your business. This includes integrations with Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and more.

Why Microsoft Power Platform Software Development makes sense for you

Power Platform gives organizations the tools to solve everyday business problems with little to no coding knowledge. It empowers your front-line staff to create mission-critical applications and processes that solve their problems directly without the lag or wait time that comes with relying on IT for solutions. At the same time, it frees up IT to focus on your biggest problems while encouraging collaboration between those who know your business best and those who can solve its problems best.

While certain organizations might be skeptical about how the solutions Power Platform provides might meet their current challenges, our consultants at i3solutions can help clarify if this is an investment that makes sense for you. In our experience, organizations that plump for this solution are able to enjoy the following distinct benefits:

  • Pricing: Compared to the overall cost of building an instance out from the ground up, Power Platform presents a potentially less expensive option, depending on your specific objectives. Each of the four major solutions on Power Platform are bundled separately, meaning you can purchase access to only the specific solution you need, and not the entire suite at once. The pricing can vary for each solution however. Power Apps, for instance, costs $40 per user per month to build and run unlimited apps, while Virtual Agents is licensed at $1,000 per tenant per month at 2,000 sessions a month.
  • Performance/Scalability: Power Platform is surprisingly powerful and can be used for deployment across multiple use instances, regardless of complexity or scale. Allowing for integrations with Azure and Dataverse, organizations can rapidly extend their instance from hundreds to tens of thousands of engagements without writing a line of code.
  • Control: Organizations typically find that, where they might be expecting the limitation of an out-of-the-box solution, Power Platform empowers them with deep customizations and the granular control this brings. Apart from the hundreds of pre-built templates available on the platform, organizations can extend their choice capabilities by integrating with other systems through Dataverse or build their own templates to solve niche-specific tasks.
  • Obsolescence: Power Platform’s tools support deep integrations with multiple external platforms and systems, thereby protecting your solution from redundancy. Microsoft already supports a vast ecosystem of solutions and the Power Platform seamlessly extends into these, ensuring that your solutions will find use across your entire software real estate and far into the future.
  • Perception: For far too long, app development, data analytics, and process automation have been seen as the sole preserve of engineering. Now, with Power Platform, everyone in your organization, from accounting to sales, and marketing, can participate in the engineering process, creating richer solutions that solve your problems more comprehensively than ever before.

Power Platform has the potential to help transform how you do business and lead your organization into the future. Our consultants can help you decide if your organization is ready to leverage the unique benefits of the platform and identify where this low code solution best improves your bottom line.

i3solutions will simplify and accelerate your Power Platform software development process

i3solutions has more than 20 years’ experience advising on and leading deployments of all sizes and complexity. Through our IT consulting and application development practices, we have successfully delivered projects across various industries, verticals, and business sizes, including automotive, manufacturing, government, financial services, and healthcare.

We are certified as a Microsoft Gold Collaboration and Content partner, and are recognized as a Microsoft Midmarket Solution Provider. We can advise on your Power Platform needs, including helping you understand your licensing requirements and what mix of products best meets your needs. Our consultants can help you strategize on and resolve your most challenging problems, delivering a low-maintenance solution that meets your budget constraints and performance objectives.

Contact us and let our Microsoft Power Platform team advise your organization of the product options that work best for you. We are flexible in pricing and offer competitive pricing models that are adapted to your specific business requirements without burdening you with unnecessary components.

Backed by more than 20 years’ experience solving problems in multiple industries and instances, our experienced consultants are experts at multiple Microsoft products including Power Platform. We are a certified Microsoft Partner:

  • Gold Collaboration and Content
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