Software Development: Tailor-Made for You

Your enterprise software must adapt to your organization’s business needs, not the other way around.  When off-the-shelf applications prove inadequate, custom software development ensures that these needs are met precisely to address your distinct requirements.  With 25 years in IT and a broad expertise that encompasses the latest and classic development technologies and languages, there’s very little that i3solutions has not seen and done. i3solutions offers custom software and application development services to deliver high quality software that moves your business forward.


Types of Custom Software Development We Deliver

One of i3solutions’ greatest strengths is building custom software and applications that are tailored to specific business needs. Whether it’s a knowledge management and reporting tool, an employee on-boarding solution, or a contracts management application that integrates with your ERP platform, i3solutions can make it happen.

Our custom software and app development expertise spans mission-critical software solutions in multiple industries from government to healthcare, finance, education, media, manufacturing, and professional services. We can help you develop solutions in:

  • Enterprise resource and process management: This includes onboarding & offboarding processes, sales & marketing automation, HR & people management, project & task management, risk & compliance management solutions.
  • Financial and cash flow management: Our consultants provide financial & cash flow management, invoicing & billing, audit & bookkeeping, expense management, budgeting & planning solutions that keep your business profitable and financially on track.
  • Knowledge and productivity: We have towering experience in building enterprise learning & training systems, case & correspondence portals, document & content management, task management & collaboration interfaces for organizational use.
  • Analytics: Harness the power of your data with our data analytics & reporting, forecasting & optimization, business intelligence & analytics, and big data manipulation solutions expertise.
  • Customer fulfillment: We provide support ticketing & issue tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), customer portals, chatbot systems, and customer analytics solutions.


Custom software service options we provide

i3solutions’ custom software and application development services include consulting, development, testing, integration, implementation, and support.

  • Software development consulting: Our expert application development and software consultants will explore and assess your business needs to determine your requirements and how i3solutions can add value. They will advise on potential tech, architectural design, and provide a roadmap of the software development lifecycle from ideation to post-development, as well as a projection of time and cost considerations.
  • Custom software and app development: Leveraging our technical competency, our teams build interactive and high-performance software that enables cutting-edge interoperability, flexibility, and scalability. We can utilize low-code development for quick and cost-effective web app and mobile portal development.
  • Legacy system modernization: To help you unlock greater agility and efficiency, we can modernize your legacy systems with the latest technology, whether that requires a re-code, re-architect, or extending the functionality and reach of your legacy solutions.
  • Software integration and migration: i3solutions’ application integration and migration services enable separately built applications to work as one, facilitating modern functionalities and efficiencies that increase productivity and reduce costs. We can help integrate or extend an on-premises solution with cloud-native capabilities to achieve a workflow that modernizes your business infrastructure and supports dynamic business processes.
  • Post-deployment training: Training and knowledge transfer is one of the cornerstones for successful deployment and adoption of any custom solution. At your instance, we will develop and implement an effective training plan that reduces push-back and trepidation from new users. This might include “End User” and “Train the Trainer” sessions and documentation, thereby increasing the rapid adoption of the custom software by all users.
  • Managed services: i3solutions offers exceptional post custom software development support as part of the customer commitment we make to all our clients. We provide various options like 24/7 tele-support, patches and new releases, ongoing training and maintenance, as-needed technical consulting, and next generation strategy.

Build or Buy

Software devlopment and custom applications designed to meet your challenges.

Custom Application Development FAQs

What is software development and custom application development?

Custom software and application development involves creating software for the specific purposes of your organization. Compared to Out-of-Box (OOB) software which targets a broad range of users and requirements, custom software is designed with only your company in mind, which means it molds to your business and can accelerate your processes in ways that OOB solutions cannot.

Software development is not just about creating custom solutions from scratch though. It can be used to extend or modernize your legacy stack, facilitating new capabilities that leverage cutting-edge technologies. Also, our software development experts can help you create custom legacy adaptations for off-the-shelf solutions, giving you the best of both worlds.

When to choose custom software development?

If you’re on the fence about whether to build a custom software development solution or buy an off-the-shelf software product, consider asking the following questions:

  • Do we have special compliance or regulatory requirements that off-the-shelf software cannot meet?
  • Is privacy a greater concern for us than the average organization?
  • Is our legacy system old and in need of a top-down refresh?
  • Is our technology stack too high and now slowing down work with bogged down or bricked-in processes?
  • Does our legacy system require too many workarounds to get work done?
  • Is there an off-the-shelf option that delivers more than 80% of the functionality we require?


Benefits of custom software development

Although out-of-box (OOB) or commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software is readily available and potentially more affordable, custom software can deliver a competitive edge due to the superior functionality it provides.

With custom applications, organizations enjoy the same cutting-edge technology and infrastructure that OOB solutions provide without their inherent flaws and inadequacies. Besides, for organizations with industry peculiarities or stringent compliance obligations, custom development provides unmatched security and tailored features molded to business needs.

Other benefits of software development and custom applications include:

  • Endless possibilities: Custom software can deliver functionalities that may not even exist on the market.
  • Independence: A custom solution frees you from COTS app price hikes, data and space limitations, and potential redundancy should the vendor pack up or the product become obsolete.
  • Seamless legacy integration: Since they are built with your unique technology stack in mind, custom applications are natively compatible with your legacy systems unlike COTS apps which might require lengthy and costly integration.
  • Revenue opportunities: Custom software applications can generate revenue and profitability through licensing to other organizations.

Software Development Success Is Not an Accident

Our years of software development experience and proven project management processes means success for you.

Why develop software with i3solutions

Custom applications and software development is only as good as the development team’s ability to understand and effectively apply the latest, most effective technology. This is why you need to hire the very best talent, like the experts at i3solutions. Our track record speaks for itself:

If you can think of it, i3solutions can design and develop the custom application you need.


Our software development and custom applications process

i3solutions’ methodology consists of client environment assessment, potential technology assessment, and complete software development. We employ a sustainable and client-involved development process that leverages Agile methodologies to deliver ongoing value throughout the engagement. Here’s a summary of our development process:

  • Project discovery: A dedicated project team will explore your business needs and document your requirements. This will include engaging with stakeholder expectations and concerns, risk analysis, and detailed consideration of potential custom software opportunities.
  • Project planning: An assigned project manager will provide estimates of time, budget, return on investment, and cost-benefit. We will create a project roadmap and draw up a risk management strategy that facilitates the development and protects your organization.
  • Design: Our consultants will define the application architecture, legacy system parts that may be reused, integration points, and data flows. Likewise, we will conduct UX research, sketch wireframes, and produce interface mockups to get your project going.
  • MVP release: Where required, we will rapidly engineer and launch a working version of the required software which will then form the baseline for subsequent added functionality. However, this service might only be available for all enterprise software projects, depending on complexity.
  • Development: Throughout this stage our team will focus on delivering safe continuous releases within the shortest time frame possible. We also employ continuous testing (including automated testing, where reasonable) to ensure required functionality, security, and performance.
  • Deployment: We will deploy the software within your legacy system or, where required, we can set up a trial implementation with a set number of users. Upon complete deployment, our team will initiate knowledge transfer to your IT team.
  • Post-deployment: Supporting seamless user adoption is a key part of our development process. Our team will answer any questions your users have, resolve issues, and remain on standby to help with a painless transition.
  • Continuous support: Should you require ongoing support, we can also provide managed services in relation to the instance.

Support No Matter What

From training to post implementation support, any time you need us, we’ve got you covered.

Basic (and Not So Basic) Training

i3solutions considers training and knowledge transfer to be one of the cornerstones for the successful deployment and adoption of any custom application system. When an organization implements a custom software solution for the first time, it is important to understand changes that will occur to existing business operations. Often this change, or culture shift, to a more open and collaborative environment is resisted by many users. As a result, it is important to create a well-developed training and communication plan to assist all users to understand the vision for the new software, the features of the new custom application, and how it will help in their daily tasks. An effective training plan reduces push-back and trepidations from new users as well as provides additional advantages. Taking this approach enables our team to deliver “End User” and “Train the Trainer” training sessions and documentation, thereby increasing the rapid adoption of the custom software by all users.


You’re Not Alone

We offer exceptional post software development and custom application support as part of the customer commitment we make to all of our clients, including a variety of options like 24/7 tele-support, patches and new releases, on-going training, and as-needed technical consulting and next generation strategy.

Before you compromise on organizational need and deprive yourself of a complete custom software solution designed to eliminate all your business challenges, doesn’t it make sense to invest in a discussion about what an i3solutions’ custom application can do for your business?

Here is something else to think about: software development and application development is only as good as the development team’s ability to understand and effectively apply the latest, most effective technology. This is why you need to hire the very best talent, like the experts at i3solutions. If you can think of it, i3solutions can design and develop the custom application you need.