ServiceNow Consulting and Configuration

Automate Routine Processes with i3solutions’ ServiceNow Consulting Services

ServiceNow helps businesses eradicate inefficiencies in their IT service and management workflow, ensuring speed and quality service delivery. The platform introduces a powerful platform as a service (PaaS) solution that links organizations from top to bottom in a seamless firm-wide IT fulfillment program. ServiceNow ConsultingWe understand the irritating time and resource inefficiencies and bottlenecks that result in a disjointed IT program. As a result, i3solutions’ ServiceNow consulting and development services are tailored to efficiently analyze, diagnose, prescribe, implement and support powerful solutions that save time and money.

i3solutions’ ServiceNow consulting expertise is backed by 25 years of experience helping organizations maximize productivity through thoughtful solutions.  We use proven methodologies to deliver rich solutions backed by a finely-tuned prescriptive approach. Whether you’re considering a readiness assessment, proof of technology or complex implementation, we can help you shape your IT transformation with services that include everything from consulting on implementation to custom application development and user support.

We champion the seamless integration of your application portfolio with your ServiceNow solution to enable optimal performance and transformation of your business workflows, both in IT and enterprise-wide.

IT service delivery empowered

Inefficiencies are a common challenge that every business faces, and IT is one of the departments commonly plagued by these challenges. When functioning efficiently, an organization’s IT resources should be primarily devoted to pioneering or optimizing solutions that progress core business goals.

However, most IT departments spend the majority of their time attending to mundane help ticket requests.

ServiceNow helps businesses eliminate these inefficiencies by providing a powerful platform that enables swift and seamless IT service delivery. The platform enables automatic workflows that collect service requests in one efficient platform, eliminating the use of tedious Outlook threads and spreadsheets.

IT service personnel can also leverage the system to automate resource provisioning and help information to enable self-service for the most mundane help ticket requests. Our ServiceNow consulting expertise at i3solutions includes delivering a full range of implementation, integration, migration and custom application development services around the following ServiceNow products:

ServiceNow links the whole organization from top to bottom in a seamless IT fulfillment program so your IT people and other departments no longer have to be on different wavelengths. The software helps organizations automate one of the most vital areas of their business process and ensures they can improve, structure and automate the workflow of IT service delivery. When your IT works efficiently, it saves IT time, increases firm-wide productivity, and enables resources to be used far more effectively. This is why ServiceNow enables businesses to reduce IT service management costs by up to 60%.

ServiceNow consulting and implementation services

Our team of ServiceNow consulting experts can either implement your ServiceNow instance from scratch or enhance the functionality of your already installed solution. Our primary aim is to deliver through an engagement model that fits your business goals and requirements. The following models define how we assist clients with their ServiceNow goals:

Strategic analysis and challenge consultation

Our services start with analyzing your business problems and needs, reviewing your current solution and proffering improvement ideas to address challenges or functionality gaps in your existing solution. For businesses that have curated a specific list of identified problems and necessary changes, we can also inspect your current solution, analyze your business needs and review the planned changes.  This includes mapping your business requirements to ServiceNow functionality, choosing an appropriate strategy and providing proof of technology where necessary. We also provide support in analyzing, describing and selecting necessary customizations and well as formulating needed integrations. Where necessary, we will assist with defining KPIs and reports for the proposed solution and develop a strategy for seamless user adoption.

Full-cycle implementation

i3solutions can take care of the entire ServiceNow implementation process, from inception to conclusion. This includes full implementation in line with your business goals and custom application development tailored to your unique needs. We will also assist with expansion of functionality, integration with other out-of-the-box or customized systems in your environment, migration from legacy systems to the new ServiceNow instance and support to ensure a fluent and effective system.

Configuration and customization

Where ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box functionality requires adjustments to function properly with your legacy or customized solution, we use an innovative approach to provide a blended solution. This includes configurations that require little to no coding, such as creating custom fields, metrics, notifications, custom reports. Where coding is required, we can provide customized functionality changes such as back-end and client logic. We also provide custom ServiceNow application development to create new components or standalone applications that improve your final instance.


i3solutions provides integration expertise to link ServiceNow with other systems and services that organizations use. Whether these are necessary to encourage seamless internal workflows or collaboration with external partners, we can deliver hitch-free integrations. This includes integrations with IT infrastructure management, CRM applications such as Salesforce, ERP stacks like NetSuite and Workday, and Intranets such as SharePoint.


i3solutions’ experts assist with importing local data into the delivered ServiceNow solution, as part of the implementation process. Our services involve identifying the required data sources, as well as validating and reconciling the data before migration. Our goal through this process is to ensure that the migration process is completed with no downtime while maintaining the integrity of the migrated data.

Launch and post-launch support

We implement a deliberate solution launch protocol to ensure your solution is launched without hitch, after design, development and testing. We also provide limited post-launch support to discover and resolve and snags that may be experienced after solution rollout.


Where changes need to be added to an already functioning solution, we can assist with designing and reviewing the necessary change implementation plans. Where change management procedures are necessary to carry out the changes, we will develop the necessary protocols and backup provisions against worst-case solution performance problems.

User adoption

Certain system changes may require some time for users to become familiar with the revised components. We can provide support and training to help improve user adoption and manage end-user difficulty where it arises.

Let i3solutions solve your ServiceNow challenges

In addition to the usual implementation challenges that routinely crop up during any implementation process, such as integration adjustments for legacy systems, we provide assistance with more complex challenges that may arise during the implementation.  Some of the ServiceNow challenges we assist organizations with include:

Support IT efficiency

The productivity and resource gains from implementing a ServiceNow instance can make the difference for any organization. i3solutions’ ServiceNow support services enable businesses to realize these gains by eliminating the need to maintain the stability of the system in-house.

i3solutions provide a ServiceNow support toolkit backed by 25 years of assisting organizations with all aspects of their technological transformation. We take your mind off the mechanics of maintaining your solution, freeing up your resources for more efficient use of the platform and improved service delivery overall. i3solutions provides concentrated support to drive the evolution of your ServiceNow platform, expand functionality and ensure your system functions at peak capacity.

Take your IT service delivery up a notch

Let our ServiceNow consultants help you implement an IT system that is well-oiled and properly positioned to deliver ongoing technical and strategic benefits to your organization.

Contact us today to learn more about our ServiceNow consulting and implementation services or schedule a consultation to discuss how we can make your solution better, faster and more efficient.