SharePoint Integration Services

Every company uses different internal systems and has its own unique set of software requirements. We recognize that these one-of-a-kind requirements are critical to a company’s productivity and how it runs for both customers and staff. Because of this, we ensure that our SharePoint integration services work with your entire business and its uniqueness in mind.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a popular Microsoft software solution that makes collaboration and document management a breeze for growing organizations. SharePoint has a lot of valuable capabilities as an off-the-shelf solution, but it really shines when it’s supplemented with bespoke SharePoint development services and integration with wider internal systems.


Key Features of SharePoint (And Why It Works for Businesses)

Why is SharePoint such a popular choice for businesses that are looking to connect their internal IT systems?

Here are just a few of the features that make SharePoint so effective for businesses:

  • SharePoint intranet and custom portals
  • File and document management
  • Collaborative working functionality
  • Project management potential
  • Information rights management and compliance monitoring
  • Opportunities for custom development and integration

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What Are SharePoint Integration Services?

Options and opportunities for integrating and expanding SharePoint are diverse, and SharePoint consulting may assist you in determining which capabilities are most appropriate for your needs.

Our SharePoint integration services help you to connect this flexible system to your existing internal software. This could be programs like Teams or Microsoft Dynamics, more common functions like calendars and CRM systems, or creating links with completely custom software.

We can help you to build bridges between your programs and identify automation that ensures that working between systems is seamless for your teams.


Why is Integration with SharePoint Important?

Integrating your SharePoint system with other internal systems can help you to streamline your internal processes and make teams more efficient.

SharePoint’s document management functionality makes it really key to a lot of different teams and roles within your business, so if you’re investing in a SharePoint system, or looking to bring in a new system to help with efficiency, then it’s worth investing in SharePoint integration services to really ensure you’re getting the most out of both of those systems.

Using a lot of different software that doesn’t work together can be time-consuming for staff. Going from program to program to find all of the information you need can take a while, particularly if you are communicating with external partners, customers, or even other internal departments.  This delay in information transfer can be extremely frustrating.

i3solutions offers both SharePoint consulting and ongoing support to help you keep all of your systems up to date and working well together. Once we’ve set up a system we can help advise you on which other systems work best and create automation and links to ensure the whole system runs smoothly.

Examples of SharePoint Integration That Works

Here are just a few ways that SharePoint integration services can help connect your internal software and improve efficiency.

Teams and Other Collaboration Platforms

SharePoint is a collaborative tool commonly used for content and project management. Its integrations with to-do lists, calendars and more make it naturally appealing for this reason.

SharePoint can be integrated with other collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams which makes communication and team-work simple, particularly when many teams are remote or based in multiple locations.  Communication is key to collaboration, and SharePoint integrations make it easy.

Document management can help to protect teams from losing vital files and help individuals work together on them. Send updates and notes through Teams to keep everyone up to date and organized when it comes to collaborative projects and see efficiency skyrocket.

CRM, Sales and Marketing Platforms

SharePoint is a popular tool for teams that need to manage a lot of content.  SharePoint can be integrated with your systems to make file sharing and management easy. For content managers, this can mean being able to easily approve and edit the content or escalate it to managers with ease.

The tiered access options and ability to store specialist files can help marketing teams work closely with design teams. And once content is approved, integration with scheduling tools and publishers can help to keep content rolling out automatically.

Your teams can access all of the information needed in one place with CRM and sales integrations. This ease of access can help support and sales teams provide high-quality service for customers to keep them coming back for more.

HR and ERP Systems

SharePoint can be integrated with systems that are at the heart of the day-to-day running of your business. Professional integration can mean that your document management system runs alongside and integrates with existing HR and ERP systems to keep the business running smoothly while removing extra tasks that can waste time and reduce productivity.

Custom Solutions and Niche Systems

SharePoint integration services are not limited to pre-built systems and SharePoint custom development. Our experienced team can help you to build links and connections with almost any system imaginable.

i3solutions’ SharePoint consulting services can help you identify where your internal systems can benefit from automation, custom development and updates to ensure all of the cogs in your machine work well together.

What Should You Consider When It Comes to IT and Software Integration?

Sharepoint Integration services 2Your IT and software solutions should work for you, and you should not have to compromise. If you are comparing different systems but aren’t quite sure which to choose, it might be a good idea to speak to a specialist for advice.

Often integration and custom development can help you expand a specific system that might be lacking a couple of features to make it work perfectly for your business. For many companies, this is hugely beneficial and can save money on switching systems long-term.


i3solutions’ Approach to SharePoint Integration

i3solutions has a unique and well-rounded approach to SharePoint integration services. Our 25 years of experience have provided us with a huge knowledge base working in a wide variety of industries. This helps us to offer advice on the direction of your internal systems and identify the potential for integration.  Contact us today to discuss your integration needs