SharePoint Support Services

One of the biggest barriers to successful software implementation is a lack of ongoing support to troubleshoot and adapt systems should issues arise.

Alongside our SharePoint consulting and implementation services, we also offer ongoing SharePoint support services to make sure that your new system is a success, and that your team receives the proper help should anything go wrong.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a document management and internal portal system that helps to streamline information distribution and collaborative working efforts across an entire business.

Many businesses look at SharePoint as a foundation and build onto it with integrations and custom development that provides the organization with everything that they need. The beauty of SharePoint is its flexibility and that these integrations can continue to grow as the business does.

Why Businesses Choose SharePoint

As a Microsoft staple, SharePoint is an extremely popular option for businesses in a wide variety of industries with a broad range of specialties.

Here are some of the features that make SharePoint an effective foundation for companies across the US and worldwide:

  • SharePoint’s customizable intranets, sites and portals
  • Information rights management and compliance
  • Large-scale document management and storage
  • Collaborative working and project management features
  • Ease of implementing custom development and integration with the correct support partner
  • Flexibility and compatibility with many other software solutions

Why Get SharePoint Support

SharePoint Support Services 1Technology failure can be detrimental to a business, particularly if that technology is storing essential information to keep a business operational.

Most businesses take document management and data protection very seriously, so it’s unlikely that an organization will have paper backups lying around in case the systems go offline. An expert support partner will be able to properly implement software and offer ongoing support so that you have backups and can quickly have your systems back online and running smoothly should anything go wrong.

SharePoint typically is a more complicated system than it seems. Many businesses try (and fail) to set it up properly themselves and there are plenty of opportunities for it to go wrong if mistakes  are made during setup.

We always recommend using a SharePoint consultant to help set up your systems and integrate them with any other internal systems.

Not only does choosing an expert to assist with setup reduce the chance of a serious error, but it also gives you access to a wealth of knowledge from an external partner and can grant you access to lesser-known features that revolutionize the operations of the business.


Why You Need SharePoint Maintenance

IT and technology are constantly changing to fit with digital usage trends, and SharePoint is no exception. To ensure that your systems and integrations continue to work for your business, continued SharePoint maintenance is essential.

SharePoint Support Services 2Popular software providers, like Microsoft, are constantly adding (and sometimes even removing) functionality to improve their products and make them more efficient for customers. If you have custom development or other integrations connected to your systems, a simple update to the software, server or even PC can cause errors or difficulties.

For this reason, it’s extremely helpful to have a dedicated support team to advise on and maintain your systems, keep everything up and running, and ensure you’re making the most of every feature that your software has to offer.

Maintaining your systems is key to making sure the business is operational and efficient and that all software is functioning as it should be. Sometimes minor (or even major) errors can go unnoticed. It might be a missed backup or a failure within the system. Professional external support teams like i3solutions are able to monitor things like downtime, backups and network security to make sure everything is running as it should.

What Do You Need to Consider When Choosing IT Support?

There are of course different types of support for internal IT systems, and depending on your business size, the size and workload of your in-house IT team, and the scale of your software systems, the best option for you might not be the option that you think.

Augmented IT Support

We almost always recommend augmented IT and helpdesk support for businesses that need help maintaining and updating their systems. This type of support gives you access to a whole team’s knowledge without forking out for a large internal IT team.

Augmented IT support is scalable and can adapt alongside your business and any internal specialists to provide a well-rounded support option for your business.  With i3solutions augmented support service, you can access a more secure IT help desk that understands your business and strives to provide the best possible service to keep your systems up and running.

Internal Team

Of course, some businesses have internal teams that manage and support the IT and software needs of their staff. For this to work, those on the team need to have an extremely well-rounded knowledge and a wealth of experience to ensure they can serve the business needs in terms of fixes, updates and general maintenance.

Paid Support from Software Provider

Some software providers will offer their own paid support. The problem with this comes if the business has more than one software program in place or has any unsupported custom development in addition to the core package. The costs for this type of support can quickly add up.

Pay-As-You-Go Support

If your business only has one or two employees, then support that you pay for as you need it might be a viable option. This can quickly become pricey in bigger teams or teams regularly needing help with systems.

The i3solutions Approach to IT and Help Desk Support

When it comes to SharePoint, we are confident in our ability to help businesses grow and become more efficient in their day-to-day operations.

SharePoint Support Services 3We believe that our approach with a wide variety of SharePoint services means that we can offer guidance and support throughout the entire process. From the early planning stages to the final implementation and ongoing maintenance, we can draw on our 25 years of experience to guide and support your business.

Some of the SharePoint services we offer include:

Our SharePoint support services are created with you in mind, and we work alongside you and your internal teams to keep your entire system, not just up-to-date, but ahead.

Speak to our team to discuss how a combination of SharePoint support, custom development and consulting can help your business to thrive.