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A document management system is exactly what it sounds like.  It is a way to store digital files (whether that’s sensitive documents, videos, or anything else) in an electronic storage system. We offer SharePoint document management services to help businesses set up effective management systems that streamline processes and simplify day-to-day tasks for employees.

Centralize Your Knowledge

Boost efficiency with a central repository to store and manage key business documents.

What is a Document Management System?

For businesses, a document management system (DMS) provides a way to store, manage and track any and all electronic documentation. Common needs include:

  • Access control and managing protected information
  • Knowledge hubs and information sharing
  • Indexing, archiving, and auditing
  • Content planning and management
  • Remote file access
  • Compliance and policy requirements
  • Digitization of paper files

i3solutions has over 25 years ‘experience in document management. Our consultants are able to craft a system that integrates into your existing technologies, while expanding what is possible for your business. We also offer ongoing support to ensure your system works exactly how you need it to.

What Problems Do Document Management Services Solve?

A document management system is essential to the operational welfare of a business, whether that’s because of compliance, ease of access, or simply converting paper records into electronic ones.

  • Document Management Systems can offer simultaneous editing of a document, and make sure that one person’s changes don’t overwrite another’s.
  • With successful document management, company documents can have version control to help leaders monitor historical changes and see who has edited documents and when.
  • A centralized hub in which all company knowledge is stored and backed up can help regulate and update information across the entire company very easily and with easy references for staff.
  • Companies can manage sensitive customer or staff data with controlled access to a document management system.

Leverage SharePoint’s Rich Capabilities

Elevate your DMS with the powerful features of Microsoft SharePoint.

Why do SharePoint Document Management Services Work So Well?


What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaboration tool that has a wide range of benefits for those producing and sharing content within an organization.

While it may seem simple, setting up SharePoint to work effectively can be quite complex. Because of this, set up will often require the assistance of a SharePoint consultant or installation expert to make sure the systems are functioning correctly and that your business is making the most of the rich features and integrations. For example:



Document management systems provide the opportunity to easily access a huge number of documents digitally. With traditional paper filing systems, you simply could not store the same amount of information in-house, but with a digital SharePoint system, storage is not a problem.  SharePoint also has backup and fallback capabilities for essential documents should anything fail and you need to recover them.

i3solutions can help you setup your storage repositories and backup schedules to ensure your documents are always available when you need them.



Streamline how your internal teams work by providing easily-accessed and collaborative documents via SharePoint. Help your teams become more efficient and reduce the number of lost files, accidental overwrites and wasted hours spent trying to find the right information.

i3solutions will work with you to learn your processes and setup workflows customized to your specific business needs.



SharePoint document management helps businesses improve organization and become more efficient. Make files available to staff in any department or provide specialist access and make it easier to source and share information. Disorganized documents waste time for employees and make day-to-day tasks more complex.

i3solutions can provide SharePoint development and document management services to help you build an organized and functional hierarchy of files.



Many businesses must keep files and information for relatively long periods of time and with specific security settings for compliance purposes. i3solutions can help you set this up securely and ensure you are able to track and manage compliance-related files.

It also means that companies can investigate internal compliance issues easily and see who has been working on specific documents and what changes have been made. This streamlines processes for management and internal leadership and ensures that the business is running as efficiently as possible.



Unlike paper document storage, digital systems can offer added levels of security. A uniform standard of organization of documents across the entire business can help protect sensitive information and stop data breaches.

i3solutions can help you organize access so that leadership and senior managers, or even different teams, can have different levels of access. This adds an extra level of security without making access to information unnecessarily complex.



SharePoint is a collaborative system that connects with the rest of the Microsoft suite. It acts as a central repository for all your content and expertise, and with built-in integrations for task lists, calendars, and more, SharePoint may serve as a scalable project management solution for your company.

As is common with any DMS, multiple users will be able to easily access files and work together on projects and documents without worrying about loss of information. This makes it a wonderful option for growing companies or areas where multiple support agents are working on single cases.

i3solutions’ SharePoint consulting assists organizations in gaining a better understanding of what is feasible in terms of collaboration and project management, as well as finding solutions that will help your company flourish.


Manage Unusual Files

SharePoint is easily integrated with other Microsoft products and offers plenty of opportunities to manage more obscure file types like audio recordings, design files and more. It provides businesses with a way to transfer large files that are typically too big to send via email, making sharing simple and files accessible across the business.

i3solutions will work with you to ensure that your DMS system can handle and store any of the file types unique to your business.

i3solutions’ SharePoint Document Management Services

i3solutions can help your business craft a well-rounded and thoughtfully structured document management suite with our SharePoint document management services offering.


When combined with our SharePoint consulting services, we help organizations:

  • Identify team management roles and correctly set up hierarchical access to content and sensitive documents.
  • Create systems to help internal teams manage document usage, monitor previous document versions and back up any files.
  • Create libraries suitable for different teams and access tiers.
  • Integrate the SharePoint system with other internal systems. Look at how content moves between systems and set up automation or custom development to streamline these processes.
  • Offer training and ongoing support to businesses using SharePoint and other internal IT systems to improve their company efficiency.

What’s Possible Beyond SharePoint?


SharePoint is a brilliant document management tool for many businesses, but with professional custom development, exceptional planning, and ongoing support, it can be expanded to better suit the needs of your business.

If SharePoint doesn’t quite meet the needs of your organization, we can create a custom application solution to suit your business needs. To know what’s right for you, contact us for a no-obligation conversation and we can explore how improved IT systems and updates can help your business to succeed.