Extend Your Team

As some time or another, most businesses experience the need to have a few more hands on deck. Hiring highly skilled employees with the certifications you need can be a time consuming and costly process. Advertising, interviews, onboarding and paperwork can waste valuable time when deadlines need to be met. In this case, augmenting your staff with qualified consultants from i3solutions could be exactly what your organization needs when you have to rapidly staff a project, increase headcount when you’re behind on a deadline, or access the knowledge of a subject matter expert you don’t currently have on staff.


Flexible outsourcing to strengthen your in-house team.

Choosing i3solutions as your staffing partner gives you access to highly skilled, pre-evaluated technology professionals for any kind of IT hiring need. Our collaborative approach results in an understanding of each and every client’s business and staffing needs, then provides each client with the best candidates possible.

We tailor our recruiting model to adapt to your needs, environment and hiring model. We provide staffing for long-term and short-term needs, permanent placement, contract fulfillment and staff augmentation. We recognize that to truly partner with you and effectively help you to answer your long-term human capital questions; our model needs to be dynamic, flexible and adaptable. i3solutions has a long history of successfully delivering technical solutions and we apply the same approach to the human capital market.


So much more than simply putting people in their place.

The unfortunate secret in the IT Staffing world is that most recruiters are not technically proficient enough to weed out the real talent from the candidates that can talk a good game. When i3solutions backs a technical resource, you can rest assured that he or she is the real thing. i3solutions is uniquely positioned to draw upon the expertise of our proven, internal technical resources to qualify each member of our talent pool. We don’t just study technology buzzwords and trends, WE DO TECHNOLOGY and we make sure that the professionals that augment your staff can too.


Advantages of i3solutions’ Technology Staffing Services

  • Lower hiring costs. Staffing support provided by i3solutions reduces overhead costs while optimizing resources. We help you maximize your staffing budget to gain the advantages of a fully staffed, highly skilled technical team.
  • Increase productivity. With the right IT resources at your disposal, your team can focus on their jobs and maximize efforts to meet deadlines. A larger team means more bandwidth to complete tasks on time and within budget.
  • Be flexible. Boost staff only when you need it to meet your market demands. Whether you are in search of part-time help, need someone for a few weeks, or are looking for long term solution, we have the qualified resources to adapt to your situation exactly when and how you need it.
  • Save time and effort. Hire the perfect candidate in days instead of weeks or months and reduce the time it takes to train full-time employees. With the power of our flexible staffing solutions, your team is up and running quickly so you can focus efforts on meeting deliverables instead of getting staff up to speed.


Put i3solutions to work for you.  Contact us today to add resources to your team.