Salesforce Customization Services

Successful Customer Engagement

Salesforce is the cloud solution of choice for organizations that want to redefine their customer relationship management with an effective, flexible solution.  The platform provides businesses with powerful tools and environments where they can host, not only their marketing, sales and customer fulfilment processes, but also every aspect of their consumer-focused activities.

Salesforce Customization servicesOrganizations can now track important customer data in real-time, analyze the information with powerful out-of-the-box or custom software and deduce the insights they need to deliver a compelling consumer experience.

Salesforce has already been proven to improve customer engagement outcomes in all aspects, including 30% increase in lead conversion and 45% increase in customer retention. By partnering with i3solutions, your organization can better enjoy these benefits through the Salesforce services delivered by our skilled consultants.

i3solutions brings over 25 years of experience to our Salesforce Customization Services to help organizations make optimal use of their Salesforce investment.  We provide consulting, customization, configuration, integration and migration services, as well as evolution support to businesses looking to make the best use of their Salesforce solution, maximize profitability, and increase customer acquisition, conversion and retention.

Better serve your customers

We help businesses address and resolve a wide range of challenges that commonly crop up when using Salesforce or legacy solutions. These include:


Improve win-rates: In certain instances, an organization’s customer engagement or conversion software may result in low win-rates due to inefficient sales and engagement processes. We can employ Salesforce to improve your sales process or implement an in-depth transformation. Whether this requires out-of-the-box Salesforce functionality or code-based customizations, we can help you create a structured sales process that allows your sales team to consistently close deals.


Increase conversion rates: Conversion may be suffering due to an ineffective or poorly coordinated engagement automation processes. i3solutions can help increase lead conversion rates by creating efficient multi-channel marketing campaigns that are effectively run, analyzed and improved from a single source. This increases the capacity to simultaneously engage with multiple customers while interfacing with each one in a highly personalized manner, leading to higher conversion rates overall.


Faster Resolution: No one wants to wait before receiving service support from businesses. By automating the entire process of case assignment, prioritization and escalation, i3solutions can help boost overall productivity and address customer queries faster, resulting in satisfied customer experiences.

Unlock the full value of Salesforce with i3solutions’ Salesforce Customization services

The primary focus of our Salesforce services is to work on delivering a solution that meets your business needs. We like to start by listening because we believe the solutions we deliver should solve real-life problems in innovative ways, rather than just being feature-rich. Whether you plan to improve your existing solution or implement a new Salesforce solution, i3solutions’ proven methodology will ensure your success:

Salesforce Customization Services

Consult: All of the solutions we provide include a strategic focus to analyze existing business needs and define what objectives your Salesforce solution should support. We provide insight into how Salesforce functionality can help your business goals, including a market-ready solution, customized environment or a hybrid of both. Our consulting also includes an in-depth plan of the implementation process to ensure that your project proceeds as it should and is delivered on time and within budget.

Implement: We take point on the implementation process, including detailed requirements and wireframes of processes that are needed to be captured in the solution. We also provide configuration services to tailor your solution to your needs, or customization services for more in-depth, code-based adjustments to enable your solution to mold perfectly to your use cases.

Integrate: Salesforce provides one of the biggest cloud-based platforms available, with almost endless functionality potentials. We can help you make the most of the possibilities by performing integrations to make your solution work with internal and external apps that help you work better. We can link to marketing, procurement, accounting, e-commerce, document management and other systems to ensure faster and more visible data flows across your integrated application.

Migrate: For organizations that have an existing CRM solution, we provide migration services to assist with transferring data from the old solution to the new. Our focus in assisting with the migration here is to prevent data loss, corruption or system downtime resulting from the transfer. We analyze and structure the data before migration to ensure that it remains well-structured and ready for use immediately after the migration process.

Launch: After full development of the solution and taking it through our comprehensive QA process, the solution is migrated to a testing environment to enable your representatives test it to see if it meets requirements. When testing is complete, the solution is migrated into your production environment and made available for your employees.

Adopt: There may be some lag time between delivery of the solution and user fluency due to unfamiliarity with the new system. We forestall this by providing user training before the solution is delivered, saving your business the productivity loss that may have resulted from after-delivery hiccups with end-user fluency.

Evolve: We provide support for a limited period after launch of the solution as part of our process. This includes assisting with training, fine-tuning features and consulting on any solution issues that crop up. When needed, we can also provide support on an ongoing basis, to help evolve the solution with custom additions to expand functionality.

Leverage the power of Salesforce, no matter the scale

For organizations that do not require an entirely new application built from scratch, i3solutions offers configuration and customization services to support crucial sales, marketing and customer fulfilment processes.


This is appropriate for organizations that have requirements that can be satisfied without code-based intervention. We leverage on Salesforce point-and-click capabilities to model the solution to the client’s requirements, including creating workflows and validation rules, installing AppExchange applications and more.


We recommend customization for organizations that require deeper tailoring of default Salesforce functionality to their unique business needs. This is most appropriate when there are large amounts of data or complex business logic that are not adequately covered within OOB Salesforce functionality or where integration with external systems, such as ERP, is necessary.

Customize Salesforce to fit your needs with i3solutions’ Salesforce Customization services

There are situations where Salesforce works well for organizations with its default functionality. But in the majority of use cases, it is necessary to tailor the solution to your organization’s specific requirements, through configuration, customization or custom application development.

i3solutions’ Salesforce application development services provide Salesforce applications that dovetail perfectly with business needs. With 25 years of experience helping businesses solve challenges across a wide variety of industries, we possess the experience to make your CRM solution work for you.


i3solutions develops simple applications that are meant to address minor functionality gaps within Salesforce, such as lead assignment. We also build complex applications that tackle substantial functionality gaps and improve or transform business processes such as delivery planning. i3solutions performs the full development cycle, from analysis and collecting of high-level requirements, to application development, launch and user adoption.


i3solutions offers expertise in building applications that are meant to be listed on Salesforce AppExchange and either meant to become a stand-alone source of revenue or integrate the organization’s proprietary solution with Salesforce. Our focus here is to thoroughly consider your vision for the application, including functional, system and business requirements, and develop a solution that works perfectly across the board.

Benefits of an i3solutions Salesforce implementation

Organizations that work with us benefit from Salesforce implementation services provided by highly experienced consultants that deliver:


i3solutions delivers solutions meant to resolve real-life issues and be used by real people. We make our solutions easy-to-use so people throughout your organization can enjoy the benefits of a customer focused system in a seamless user experience.


i3solutions makes Salesforce work like clockwork, delivering seamless automation of crucial sales and customer-focused processes, saving your organization time and money. We deliver the solutions you require based on default Salesforce configuration or deeper customizations through code-based adjustments to improve functionality and help you automate more complex processes.


i3solutions leverages proven lean and agile methodologies when delivering solutions to our customers. We have adapted our processes to deliver solutions that thoroughly meet your needs, whether that means delivering core functionality first to get your up and running while we further customize functionality or delivering your fully customized solution when it is completely user-ready.

Let i3solutions help you better serve your customers

Take your customer fulfilment and engagement process to the next level and match the right solutions with the right processes.  i3solutions’ Salesforce consultants will help diagnose process failures, identify inefficiencies and implement the necessary improvements to help your organization make the most of Salesforce.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our Salesforce development team.