SharePoint Migration Services

Are you looking for an experienced SharePoint migration company that can help upgrate your outdated SharePoint Intranet? Do you wish you had a trusted SharePoint software development company to help you migrate and customize business solutions built on the latest version of SharePoint online? Do you support SharePoint Migration ServicesSharePoint On-Premises, while the rest of your enterprise software has already been running in the Office 365 cloud?

Do you use multiple collaboration apps but are looking for a unified solution? If your company is going through any of the scenarios, the best way to realize effortless collaboration is through our SharePoint migration services and SharePoint software development services.

However, migration typically comes with numerous challenges and risks that often lead to negative outcomes. For this very reason, many organizations choose to maintain the status quo and stay with the deployments they already have.  i3solutions recognizes that planning is the key to successful SharePoint migration.

What are the likely migration paths?

There are three main migration paths that organizations looking to move away from SharePoint 2013 can explore for their SharePoint solution. These are:


On-premises to on-premises migration


On-premises to cloud migration


Hybrid migration

There are several considerations to keep in mind, however. First, organizations considering moving from SharePoint Server 2013 to another on-premises stack will need to know that direct migration may not always be possible. For instance, if you intend to move to SharePoint 2019, there are no direct routes. Instead, you need to migrate to 2016 first, then migrate to SharePoint 2019.

A hybrid migration may potentially provide a more flexible option for organizations that want to enjoy some of the top features of online but maintain the control that an on-premises environment offers. This can also be a good path for organizations with a legacy system that want to add to their existing environment in meaningful ways.

Microsoft makes several tools available for organizations looking to complete these migrations. These tools include Microsoft FastTrack, SharePoint Migration Tool, Migration Manager, Azure DataBox, and the SharePoint Assessment Tool.

Our SharePoint migration services consultants at i3solutions can help your organization determine which of these migration paths works best for you, while considering your corporate goals and strategic requirements.

What should you consider in making a decision?

Taking into account all of the differences between SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online, how do you go about making a decision on what environment to choose? We recommend proceeding by asking the following questions before meeting with our consultants:


How sensitive is my data?  If you have very sensitive data, an on-premises solution may provide the most protection for your data.


What resources are available to me? Migrating to SharePoint Server 2019 will likely involved significant costs, even if you already have some sort of infrastructure in place. Consider if the necessary resources and expertise are available.


What are my business needs? How is the platform expected to augment the work you do? This might be the most pivotal question you need to answer.

Our SharePoint migration services at i3solutions are designed to support your organization with the strategic advice and expertise to determine what deployment best meets your corporate goals and execute a seamless migration. From planning to configuration, post-migration support and training, i3solutions has the experience to guide you through the migration process.