Dynamics 365 Consulting and Development

i3solutions has found the sweet spot between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and completely custom-built solutions with our Dynamics 365 Consulting and Development Services. We help businesses to install Dynamics and optimize and connect  internal systems to help the business work as one well-oiled machine. With the Microsoft  Dynamics 365 suite, you can control everything from marketing to customer service, finance and supply chain. Learn more about the suite and how you can customize it to help your business thrive.

Businesses are always looking for ways to streamline processes and create more efficient workflows that serve both the customer and the wider organization – and that’s where a tailored Dynamics 365 company-wide system can really work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of interconnected applications and services that help businesses deliver excellent customer service and well as efficiently manage operational elements of the business.

We help companies to install these systems and integrate them into other core technology within the business for a seamless and agile experience. Every team (and the team’s needs) are very different, and you can get the most from your software with a tailored approach that works for both you and your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for your Companydynamics 365 company core modules - sales, marketing, services, finance, supply chain, commerce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a diverse and agile productivity suite for business. It creates opportunities for growth and monitoring while taking away some of the most repetitive and time-consuming tasks that internal teams face.

Want to learn more about what Dynamics 365 can offer for your company and how you can customize it to work for you? With six core modules for Sales, Marketing, Service, Finance, Commerce and Supply Chain, this portfolio of intelligent business applications empowers everyone to deliver operational excellence and create more engaging customer experiences.

Choose one, some, or all. Dynamics 365 applications are made to work together—and with your existing systems—for a comprehensive solution that connects your entire business.


Sales Module

Personalize selling with intelligent sales software. Prioritize activities, streamline the cycle and get those sales over the line with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for internal sales teams.  The Dynamics 365 company sales module helps teams to manage pipelines better and even gather impactful feedback from customers to help make data-driven decisions for the business. With all of the information a sales team could need easily accessible, relationship building is made simple and takes much less time.

Dynamic 365 Sales also has integration with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator to help dynamic teams build better relationships with a smaller investment of time. The module will pull through details, job changes and even mutual connections to help salespeople build trust and form relationships that sell.

Learn more about how the Sales model can be integrated with your business. 


Marketing Module

Give your marketing teams a boost by providing them access to invaluable customer data and tools to create phenomenal marketing campaigns. The marketing module helps teams to understand what the ideal customer looks like, but also makes it possible to map out the entire customer journey.

In the marketing module, teams can craft in-depth customer journeys to deliver on the right channels at the perfect moments. Create event-based or segment-based strategies that align with sales and customer service efforts to keep customers returning to your business.  With the customer data in the Dynamics 365 system, you’re able to easily personalize and tailor campaigns to provide excellent automated experiences for customers while reducing the marketing team’s workload at the same time.

Customer Service

Service Module

Manage each aspect of your company’s customer services operation with ease and transparency. Integrated systems allow for easily accessed information and organized CRM and case management – leading to a better experience for customers and streamlining the whole process for support teams.

Easily escalate or transfer customer cases with the case management feature and gain an insight into how the wider team are performing with simple reporting tools.  Set up automation so that customers can find information themselves, speak to AI support channels or simply know that you’ve received their support query and will get back to them soon. This customer-first approach is a real favorite for any aspirational Dynamics 365 company.

Find out how to excel at customer services with the right systems in place. 


Finance Module

Embrace agile financial and operational systems. Real-time insights and reporting dashboards help businesses to react quickly and maximize financial transparency. Stay on top of performance, KPIs and projects by keeping track of all budgets and sales in a slick and easy to use dashboard.

The Finance Module allows businesses to streamline financial workflows and improve efficiency. Automating your processes can save time and valuable resources for any business.


Commerce Module

Craft seamless shopping experiences with the Dynamics 365 Commerce Module and access everything you need to improve ROI and create a digital commerce that works for your business. Intelligent software allows you to present personalized shopping experiences, track the data and work towards increasing those all-important sales.

The Commerce Module offers you a comprehensive view of your customers and their needs so that you can develop lasting relationships that see customers coming back time after time. Dynamics 365’s easy integration with the Marketing, Sales and Service modules helps you to really see this powerful software suite in action across your entire business.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Module

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Module helps busy enterprises to predict and overcome potential supply chain problems, helping to keep customer orders fulfilled and the business running smoothly.

This agile and adaptable module provides real-time visibility allowing businesses to plan and prepare to create systems that help the business succeed.

connect your dynamics 365 company systems and create a network of intelligent business apps that works for your businessThe Technical Side of the Dynamics 365 Suite

Dynamics 365 is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and is tightly connected with the Microsoft 365 productivity suite. The Windows apps are designed to operate together – as well as with your existing systems – to provide a holistic solution that connects your entire company. In essence, the platform fits seamlessly into your existing technical ecosystem, allowing you to take advantage of native interfaces with SharePoint, Office 365, Power Platform, and virtually any other application. You’ll be able to make important operational decisions across your entire business from a single suite.

With Dynamics 365’s PowerApps connection, you can enhance business application capabilities using a low-code drag-and-drop interface. Organizations can use Dynamics 365 with automation and rule creation to help their staff become more productive and all that’s needed to get started is setup from an experienced team.

Why Do You Need a Dynamics 365 Development Company?

One of the hardest parts of using a system like Dynamics 365 is getting the setup right. If a system’s integration is not seamless and causes any unnecessary interruption, it can see a big impact on both staff and customers.

We always recommend choosing an IT partner who is experienced in the nuances of specialist products like Dynamics 365. A specialist Microsoft Dynamics 365 company can not only help with basic installation, but they can also act as a consultant, advising you on the best ways to use and customize your software so that every department is getting the most from your investment.

i3solutions is able to step back and use the experience gathered working with other companies in niche industries to identify opportunities and ensure common mistakes are avoided. We are also able to easily set up automation and rules to connect systems together to create an efficient and well-rounded system for your business that incorporates not just new technology but also essential systems already in the business.

About i3solutions – a Dynamics 365 Development Company

i3solutions draws on knowledge gathered for over 25 years to create dynamic and exciting systems for businesses. We offer consulting to help you understand your options and what is possible with systems like Dynamics 365, and then help you to implement the whole strategy.

i3solutions offers services ranging from installation and maintenance to completely custom-built systems to work with your own internal compliance and operational structure. We help teams to become more efficient by integrating popular tools like Microsoft Teams and Power Platform and create a unique and powerful system that helps to take businesses to the next level.

Contact us today to find out how we can create a unique Dynamics 365 system that works for your company.