Migration Services

Due to its incomparable business advantages, migrating to Microsoft 365 is an important strategic step for organizations that want to create an effective workspace. Its complete suite of business data analytics, collaboration and productivity tools make it a great investment for organizations that want to explore the security and flexibility of cloud-based solutions.  Through i3solutions’ Microsoft 365 migration services, we enable smooth migration of on-premises, cloud and hybrid solutions while preserving the integrity and efficiency of the migrated solution.

We are recognized as Microsoft Gold Partner, and have been providing Microsoft 365 services since the product was initially launched. Our consultants are also certified by Microsoft in:

  • Application Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Devices and Deployment
  • Midmarket Solutions

i3solutions’ Microsoft 365 Migration Services Models

We offer our clients a variety of Microsoft 365 migration models to choose from, depending on their corporate environment and migration needs. These include:

Migrate all your existing data, including existing mailboxes, distribution groups and contacts, at once. This model is available to organizations that do not need to migrate a lot of data.
Migrate all your data in batches, over a period of time. This migration option suits organizations that have large bulks of content, including diverse customizations and integrations.
Integrate Microsoft 365 solutions with on-premises servers, distributing migrated data and services between both environments. This migration approach makes sense for organizations that are not ready for a full implementation of cloud solutions.
Standard identity: Migrate user accounts to the cloud while data remains on-premises.
Synchronized identity: Migrate all data to the cloud while managing users on-premises.
Federated identity: Migrate all data to the cloud and maintain users with single-sign-on capabilities.
microsoft 365 migration services

Benefits of Microsoft 365 Migration Services

Microsoft 365 is the productivity suite of choice for organizations that want to leverage the power, flexibility and cost-efficiency of cloud-based solutions. There are several advantages of migrating to Microsoft 365.
Improved collaboration and teamwork
  • Microsoft 365 provides everything organizations need to operate while optimizing performance.
  • Provides all the productivity tools you need in one place, accessible from anywhere, at any time.
Cost savings on IT resources
  • Save costs on expensive on-premises server maintenance and updates.
  • Reduce overall IT budgets and spending.
Optimized infrastructure
  • After migrating to the cloud, organizations can significantly reduce IT department workload.
  • Free up time for more critical tasks such as innovation.
Powerful analytics
  • With tools such as Power BI and Microsoft MyAnalytics, organizations can access powerful data visualization and analysis tools.
Advanced security and data protection
  • Microsoft 365’s rights managementservices, alongside its proprietary encryption and data loss prevention software, enable heightened security for enterprise data assets.
Support and maintenance
  • Migrating to Microsoft 365 shifts the burden of support and maintenance of enterprise applications to the cloud solutions provider.
  • Provides significant time and resource savings.
Connected cloud environment
  • Microsoft 365 functions as a powerful focal point for integration of existing enterprise solutions.

Microsoft 365 migration services we provide

Our Microsoft 365 migration services take into account the varying and evolving needs of our clients as they transition from their on-premises or legacy solutions to the cloud. As a result, we provide:

Strategic Planning: Our process begins with an in-depth review of the deployment and its overall structure. This enables us isolate software inconsistencies and redundant components, as well as other potential flaws so we can fix them before commencing the migration.

Migration: Depending on the peculiar requirements of the deployment, we carry out the migration in line with the applicable model while ensuring quick turnaround and data integrity. In required cases, we are able to carry out the migration with little or no downtime.

Integration: We can integrate the migrated solution with other cloud applications or on-premises solutions to improve functionality and increase control over cross-system business processes.

Support: We provide ongoing support to our clients to aid user adoption and ensure the continued viability and functionality of the deployment.

Training: We provide training for our client’s users and admins to help improve capacity to manage and use the migrated solution effectively. This includes explaining how to ensure the security, stability and effective use of the suite.

Challanges we solve

i3solutions is highly experienced with Microsoft 365 migration and integration and are able to solve a variety of challenges that commonly interfere with the smooth migration of solutions including:

with Hybrid
of Custom
  • Stalled migration: A migration project can experience hiccups due to a number of issues including inadequate assessment of deployment complexity or scope before attempting migration. We can help you ensure a smooth and hitch-free process when you work with us.
  • Obstacles with hybrid migration: Disruptions may arise in a hybrid migration when the process is not conducted with necessary attention to each migration detail. Organizations that work with us can expect a process free of complications as they benefit from our extensive experience and deep expertise with hybrid migrations.
  • Added complexity of custom solutions: Moving custom on-premises solutions can be quite tricky as this will often require additional development efforts to bring them in line with the requirements of the cloud environment. Our consultants are highly skilled and have no problems with managing the additional demands of migrating custom solutions.
  • Security and compliance issues: Security and compliance requirements can add an extra layer of complexity to migration projects. The consultants at i3solutions are Microsoft certified and can implement your migration in line with industry standards and internal policies.
  • User adoption: Migrated solutions can be difficult to get used to, especially where they significantly change the landscape and structure of the existing system. We provide training and ongoing support to boost user understanding and proficiency with the migrated solution, thereby enhancing user adoption.

What we do for our clients

We have assisted clients in a variety of industries with strategizing on the most beneficial options for their migration projects and implementing their deployment according to plan. Our clients routinely request us to assist with:

Moving content into Cloud
and Collaboration spaces

We are highly experienced at migrations involving the major productivity suites including SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2013 & 2016 and Microsoft Exchange.

Configuring remote
access and permissions

We help our clients create effective remote workspaces for their workers.

Setting up remote
collaboration sites

We assist with setting up virtual meetings and conference rooms and resources that enhance collaboration without geographical limitation.

Configuring Teams sites

We are routinely asked to help set up Microsoft Teams sites to enable your workforce to be engaged, share documents and review projects with ease.

Converting forms to be available

We can convert your forms so they’re available to remote employees to boost productivity and improve workflow processes.

i3solutions can also:

Assist with training users on collaboration tools Establish virtual meeting/conference rooms
Improve search and discovery through Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) based    search Create forms and workflows to automate processes for the remote workforce
Institute metadata and the categorization of data to improve the ability to find the right information Implement Workflows to track the progress of tasks
Help to secure data and documents Build Dashboards to provide better visibility into projects and personnel status
Convert applications to be Mobile friendly Setup Chat and Mobile work spaces

We can handle your Microsoft 365 migration needs

i3solutions’ consultants are highly skilled and experienced. We have been assisting clients for more than 20 years on Microsoft 365 deployments of all sizes and complexity. We can handle your migration needs as well.

Contact us at and let our Microsoft 365 consulting team advise you of the migration option that best suits your business needs and budget.