Creating Actionable Insights for Decision Makers

Mission Critical Decisions. Such choices are, quite literally, what this division of the Department of Defense must make every day as a vital partner in critical intelligence, security and information operations. Because of this, it is essential that it maintains a large number of complex data systems to perform all of its internal operations. The division oversees many major subordinate commands as well as a range of smaller units. With over 10,000 personnel dispersed over 180 locations worldwide, its outdated, largely manual system was inadequate for the sheer size and diversity of its operations.

Stuck with manual and paper-based internal processes, outdated and disparate technology, and no formal Software Development methodology, it needed proven technology expertise to guide its process for improving and upgrading many of these systems. i3solutions was selected as its innovative partner and charged with designing new solutions that would be powerful, scalable, and integrated. Accomplishing this would improve efficiency and value and would ensure the agency’s success.

Improving Today’s System for Tomorrow’s Success

Functioning Smarter

i3solutions used its proven software development methodology to implement processes to transform the way the division functions. The goal was to streamline its internal operations and processes through automation and the creation of workflows. To accomplish this, i3solutions worked directly with the major stakeholders to identify their issues and understand specifically what was needed to improve its critical processes. With the input of numerous stakeholders and users within 30 different Major Subordinate Commands (MSCs), i3solutions identified and consolidated the requirements for new systems and suggested numerous enhancements to existing solutions.

Charting the Course

Data gleaned from comprehensive discussions was paired with i3solutions’ in-depth technical experience to design new system architectures, define implementation approaches, and to formally document and map business process changes. i3solutions also define the standards and processes to implement a more formal Software Development Lifecycle and a Software Development Methodology that is now used across all of the division’s SharePoint and custom application development projects.

Strengthening the System

i3solutions developed process maps and wireframe diagram standards to document the systems and processes to be automated and modernized. i3solutions’ highly skilled consultants led the development of multiple workflow solutions to centralize and streamline the division’s internal processes. i3solutions developed custom SharePoint and Nintex forms and workflows to replace antiquated MS Access databases, Excel Spreadsheets, custom applications, and manual processes and created workflow systems to improve HR and Personnel procedures, Awards processes, compliance and regulations. New Workflow methodology also strengthened other internal processes such as Security and vetting, Deployment and Leave tracking, Auditing, Personnel Hiring, Authorizations, Contracts management, Task Orders, Obligations and Payment data.

Achieving Success

With the new Software Development Methodology and documentation standards put in place by i3solutions, this division of the Department of Defense is now implementing applications faster and with significantly fewer issues and changes from its users. Development of custom workflow solutions using Nintex and SharePoint has saved hundreds of hours previously spent by personnel to complete manual and repetitive tasks. Creation of a new documentation standard has drastically improved communications between the different MSCs while reducing confusion and change orders due to missing or inadequate requirements documentation. Implementation of a centralized Dynamic Query Tool that provides the ability to Search and Query information captured and consolidated by the various systems has eliminated time-consuming manual searches and improved decision-making capabilities. No longer dealing with outdated, clunky technology, they are now capable of implementing new systems more efficiently in order to carry out its missions more effectively, now and into the foreseeable future.

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