Advancing Situational Awareness

Case Study: An agency within the Department of Defense, tasked with making critical national security decisions was limited by its current technology platform. Because data is entered as both structured and unstructured information, and in a wide range of formats (electronic forms, hand-written forms, documents, images, videos, etc.), existing search tools and the general user interface made it difficult to retrieve information. The agency also lacked access to critical data repositories and information systems while in the field, leaving field operators in the dark on up-to-the-minute information. Finally, this technology was incapable of generating comprehensive, data driven reports, essential for analyzing and deriving meaning out of the data. Without these features, there could be dire implications for this agency and the many vital programs it supports.

Informed Decision Making

Enhanced Planning Capabilities

i3solutions’ custom solution rapidly pieces together information into a single cohesive intelligence picture with geo-spatial mapping, heat maps, dashboards and baseball card style reports. These graphical representations provide real-time visibility and process control, and allow key decision makers to understand connections between multi-dimensional datasets. The system automatically collects timely information from more than 250 sources around the world to develop important situational awareness. By combining cognitive computing and workflow technologies, i3solutions automated processes that accelerate information sharing and enhance planning capabilities.

Centralized Data Collection and Processing

i3solutions created a centralized platform to find, retrieve and share information. Data retrieval and sharing is optimized because information is now structured and automatically cross-linked to other relevant information. The new system gives users the ability organize work into separate briefcases or workspaces that can be shared with colleagues and updates are made available to everyone in real-time, reducing email clutter. i3solutions standardized data collection and forms processing provided the ability for field agents to complete forms in an off-line mode for uploading at a later time. Teams can collaborate intelligently and coordinate communication through centralized information sharing and real-time visibility of data.

Strengthened Understanding of Complex Information

The advanced text analytics capabilities of i3solutions’ custom application enable the analysis of structured and unstructured data found in documents, emails, databases, websites and other enterprise repositories. Additionally, our self-service discovery capabilities with natural language processing tools and recommendations engine enable users to rapidly surface valuable insights from all existing systems and data sources. Finally, we enable link analysis and network diagrams with our entity extraction tools to link datasets and enable new ways to interpret data. With these powerful analytics tools, i3solutions provided the ability to uncover correlations, identify key people, recognize patterns that might otherwise be missed.

Achieving Success

i3solutions provided the agency with a modular and highly customizable data fusion platform that can be used for all kinds of use cases, including visualization of critical data. The rich analytics environment optimized for collaboration and data management, provides real-time visibility and process control. The solution blends cognitive computing tools with advanced analytics and automated workflow capabilities to help enhance, scale, and accelerate human expertise. By integrating distinctive capabilities and technologies into a “single pane of glass,” the solution enables team leaders, analysts, and operations to have a holistic view of their environment to make informed, intelligent, mission critical decisions.

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