Ensuring Reliability, Accuracy and Trust

Case Study: With offices in the US and Singapore, and clients located throughout the world, this leading financial services company specializing in independent investment management needed to create efficient processes and workflows to handle all their clients’ critical data. This is a considerable task, and getting it right is vital to the very values of the firm. To ensure it was providing the most reliable, accurate and trustworthy data, it sought to develop an efficient cash processing system to better manage its client portfolios and cash transactions. But without having a software methodology, or expertise with building or integrating complex business processes, the firm could not do this by itself.

Creating a System You Can Bank On

Powerful, Reliable Application

In order for our client to more effectively manage its client’s finances, it needed to maintain an efficient Cash Processing System that would align with crucial business processes and workflows. We designed a powerful cash processing system that could easily handle four distinct types of transactions each following a unique process. We also created a software development methodology, where there was once none, which is in use across all SharePoint and custom application development projects within the firm. The client now has a robust application to manage all of its cash transactions as well as the critical workflows to help accomplish its goals.

Streamlined Internal Processes

Workflow & process automation needs to begin with planning and visualization. We started with developing process maps and wireframe diagram standards to document the requested systems and processes to be automated. As part of our steps in accomplishing this, we worked directly with our client’s cash team to document the internal processes. Having documented and mapped the appropriate processes, we led the development of workflow solutions to streamline and automate those processes. The automation was done through SharePoint and Nintex workflows, which are considered the most complete platforms for process management and automation.

Seamless Integration

We assisted the client with seamless integration of its cash processing application across platforms. The application was integrated flawlessly with Galileo and APX, both of which are vital to the firm’s daily portfolio and client relationship management. The client also needed the application integrated with RedOwl, its external security analytics platform that provides risk assessment and monitoring offsite. This integration was achieved by instructing the created application to send transaction information to the RedOwl system for determination of risk. Once risk level is determined, the application receives the information from RedOwl and allows the cash team to retrieve and successfully process the transaction while minimizing risk.

Achieving Success

At the close of the engagement, we ensured that all the major points of the client’s needs were reflected in the applications. In line with our core value of leveraging technology to improve and grow business, we ensured that the solutions are scalable and integrated. This way, the applications address the current needs of the client, as well as quickly and effortlessly adapt to changing future needs. Should there be a need to address possible restructuring or scaling, the process will be quick and painless, whether we are involved or not. That is the value we are committed to delivering.

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