Strengthening Communication Channels

Workflow and Migration Case Study: This non-profit organization has a big mission: to use rigorous, independent science to solve our planet’s most pressing problems. The organization, which consists of nearly 250 scientists, analysts, policy and communication experts, partners with more than 1,500 organizations, 2,500 Science Network members and over 500,000 activists to advocate science-backed decision making. In short, many people communicating critical information through multiple channels. As a result of this, our client needed to strengthen and expand its portal to ensure productivity and timely communication at all levels. While it already had a solution in place, it was costly, cumbersome and inadequate. The client approached us to remedy this and to assist in the migration of SharePoint to an Office 365 environment.

Using Technology to Solve the Client’s Most Pressing Problems

Improved Productivity

After evaluating the legacy SharePoint farm and all its details we assessed that due to the changes over time, the portal had become archaic. We developed a phased-migration softrware development and workflow approach to create a restructured site for the brand-new environment. This dramatically improved communications and increased productivity ten-fold.

Increased Reliability, Integrity and Time

The once predominately manual system was replaced by a fully automated one with workflows, data fusion and database integration. This not only saved valuable time, but it improved the integrity of the data and prevented the organization from making costly mistakes.

Significant Cost Savings

By replacing the old, unwieldy portal with a more agile feature-rich system not only did the organization gain functionality, but it also increased cost-savings. The client was paying over-the-top for a traditional hosting service prior to approaching i3solutions. We directed them to an option for free hosting for eligible non-profits. Taking advantage of this significantly reduced their financial outlay.

Achieving Success

The overall goal for us was to provide workflow solutions that improve productivity and eliminate the need for internal folders and manual tracking systems. We were able to deliver on this count through our solutions that were specifically designed and implemented to fit the client’s needs. i3solutions was responsible for all aspects of the software development process, from Requirements to Development, Testing, Deployment and User Support. While we are confident that the solutions we provide will adhere effortlessly to the client’s capabilities, we also ensure that we provide ongoing support to ease transition. The client wanted a solution that would be less top-heavy, especially on the customizations, and more efficient and stable. We provided a light-weight, rich portal solution that ended up saving the client far more than it was expending on its previous traditional hosted solution.

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