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Choosing i3solutions as your technology partner gives you access to highly skilled experts and today’s innovative technologies. Our collaborative approach results in an in-depth understanding of each and every one of your organization’s business needs, then provides you with the best solutions possible.

i3solutions has been implementing portal solutions for over two decades to help organizations manage their growing volumes of data and documents while providing a platform to promote team sharing and collaboration. With our collaboration solutions, i3solutions can identify areas within your organization where technology promotes communication, knowledge sharing, and teamwork. Our custom development solutions help teams consolidate project information, track deadlines and deliverables, share information throughout geographically dispersed teams, and streamline business processes. Let our consultants enable your organization to maximize the power of its people.

If you have watched any television or even YouTube in the past couple of years, then you have seen the IBM commercials touting its thinking computer, Watson. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and others have their own versions. These types of learning systems are all versions of Machine Learning - a powerful tool that businesses and Government agencies are leveraging to bring their systems and operations into the next generation. (This is certainly more influential and far-reaching than its ability to win a chess match or embarrassing Alex Trebek’s champions roster on Jeopardy!)

We have been pioneering the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our customers to build advanced, superior solutions for finding deeper insights into their data and building revolutionary relationships through technology.

Making the impossible happen: Our consultants invested countless hours understanding how data systems work and perfecting how to best integrate different platforms. Today, our consultants have deep experience with most of the leading technology and data platforms available in the market. We also have a refined implementation methodology to help guide your organization through each stage of building and customizing your master data management solution.

i3solutions understands the ins and outs of solution integration. We have been in the trenches more times than we can remember, making the impossible happen as often as possible. So, relax and give us a call and get everything hooked up and running right away.

Build or buy? How can you tell which approach will best achieve your desired goals now and in the future? As with all good architecture, form should follow function. This means first address the business needs, then implement the solution. Often an off-the-shelf product can get you partially “there,” but does not address all of your critical concerns. Custom Application Development provides a scalable, comprehensive solution tailored to your needs. So ask yourself, what makes the most business sense? What can best address both your functional needs as well as your financial needs? When the answer is “build,” i3solutions can deliver.

Our Custom Application Development Services include consulting, development, testing, integration, implementation, and support. Our methodology consists of client environment assessment, potential technology assessment, and complete custom application development.

i3solutions began automating internal business processes before “WORKFLOW” became a strategic IT buzzword. In that time, we learned to keep things simple and start with the business and functional needs of our clients. This way there is no distraction by the latest technology or trend, but a real, honest evaluation of how work is done, or in some cases, should be done. Our consultants review current state process steps and actions and make recommendations on how to streamline and improve the process first. We believe that the success of a workflow solution depends on the process, not the technology.

There is no doubt that we are in the age of data. The amount of data is exploding—from social media, to wearable devices to IoT sensors in cars, building, clothing, and more. It is clear; more data is available to individuals and organizations than ever before.

In the past, organizations were required to spend large amounts of time, resources, and money to develop the systems and infrastructure to process this data. Today, Data Analysis tools have evolved so organizations can now leverage all this data to produce valuable insights and metrics. i3solutions brings over a decade of experience helping organizations implement these Data Analysis and Visualizations tools.

i3solutions has been building Knowledge Management systems to foster the collection, discovery, and sharing of enterprise knowledge for over two decades. Our Next Generation Knowledge Management solutions fuse the power of Cognitive Computing and the usability of Social Networking to create tools that users actually want to use and contribute. Our custom solutions expand on the storage and management of traditional knowledge and documents and now provide a better means of aggregating, sharing, collaborating on, and exploring numerous data sources. In this Knowledge Management evolution, i3solutions has mastered document management systems like Teams, WebSphere, Sitecore, SharePoint, and Connections (to name a few) and improved upon speed and information governance using advanced workflow technologies. We then have integrated and supplemented those systems with other sources and technologies such as social platforms.

Industries Served

i3solutions serves a wide range of industries, providing each customer with smart solutions customized to their unique business requirements and goals.  We have honed these skills for nearly a quarter of a century, bringing our technical, functional and industry expertise to all the services we provide.


i3solutions has spent over 20 years gaining insights into the way people use information, share data among teams, and how business processes can be automated. As a result, i3solutions brings a unique set of skills to each of our engagements to drive projects beyond a simple technology deployment. Employing our proven agile methodology, i3solutions works with clients to understand their unique needs, daily challenges, organizational culture, work habits, and business processes. We combine our proven implementation methodology with cutting edge development tools and industry-leading technology solutions to provide custom application development.

i3solutions has invested the time and resources to become certified experts on these various technology platforms such as IBM, Microsoft, Nintex, K2 and Alfresco to offer clients a truly dynamic and personalized solution that meets their current needs and future demands.


We have taken decades of experience solving critical issues for our customers and created innovative off-the-shelf technology products designed to promote the success of your organization.

Gaining Tactical Insights By Connecting Data

Blending cognitive computing tools with advanced analytics and automated workflow capabilities, i3solutions helps government, intelligence community and military leaders gain better insight into their operating environments. Our Joint Collaboration Information Platform (JCIP)™ solution, targeted specifically to support National Security initiatives, is a modular and highly customizable data fusion platform that enables leaders, analysts, and operations to have a holistic view of their environment.

Work Better to Win, Win Better Work

Too often companies lose work because of an unclear, unconvincing and underwhelming proposal. Proposal Managers spend enormous amounts of time chasing down critical data and managing multiple authors necessary to construct a complex, winning proposal. That’s not how we see effective proposal management. Octant’s proposal management software platform helps your team quickly manage the proposal creation process, adapt to the rapid pace of changing customer RFP requirements, and ultimately Navigate the Win™.

Our Work in Action

Managing Client Money

A leading financial services company implements an efficient cash processing system to better manage its client portfolios and cash transactions.

Strengthening Communication Channels

A scientific non-profit organization replaces its unwieldy portal to ensure stability and timely communication at all levels.

Advancing Situational Awareness

An agency within the Department of Defense uses artificial intelligence to find meaning in disparate data and influence mission critical decisions.


Facts About Us

Years in Business
Custom Developed Solutions
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Our Team

  • Scot Johnson
    Chief Innovation Officer. Spell check not included.
    A recognized technology leader known for IT solutions development, Scot offers a unique blend of executive acumen, drive and technology insight to help service a wide range of commercial, public sector and DoD/IC clients. Mr. Johnson holds several patents and participates in regular speaking engagements at industry, conferences, universities and radio shows about the intersection of technology and entrepreneurship. i3solutions and Octant have both received numerous awards under his leadership, including Top 25 Small Technology Companies, Top 50 Technology Employers, and Deloitte & Touche Fast Rising 50. Mr. Johnson and his team were recognized as NTVC: Hottest Management Team. In addition, he has written several industry publications and authored a best-selling technology book. Mr. Johnson holds Bachelor of Science degrees in mechanical engineering and physical science from the University of Maryland and Salisbury University respectively.
  • Michael Branson
    Chief Operations Officer
    Michael Branson, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of i3solutions, is recognized for his dedication to the IT industry and the growth of i3solutions. Mr. Branson has Bachelor’s degrees from Salisbury State University in Physics and from University of Maryland at College Park in Mechanical Engineering. He also obtained his Master’s Degree in Engineering from Stanford University. Mr. Branson focuses on helping businesses and organizations improve their processes through automation and technology. He enjoys assisting companies with operational planning, process mapping and re-engineering, collaboration, business development, project management, and strategic and technical planning. Mr. Branson has also invested significant time in developing an exceptional relationship and partnership with the Microsoft community.
  • Reakha Janus
    Vice President, Government Services & Corporate Marketing
    An expert in providing business automation and proposal development solutions to Federal government contractors, Reakha helps organizations compete at their best and win new business. Through her iexperience – grounded in work with IBM, GTE and Contel – Reakha effectively utilizes process workflows and information technology to meet complex business objectives. Through her creative and design background – as art director for both a Washington, D.C. advertising agency and for a health and family magazine – Reakha also provides expertise in effectively translating marketing objectives into creative growth strategies. Reakha is a Contributor to two books, The Hero in My Pocket and That’s My Hope – both of which are geared toward children whose lives have been affected by the loss or injury of a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. Reakha holds a M.S. in Business Finance from Johns Hopkins University and a B.S. degree with dual majors in Business Administration and Communications/Graphic Arts from Columbia Union College.
  • Justin Bowen
    VP of Delivery
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  • Kelli Beaugez
    Officer Manager
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  • Andrew Ratzlaff
    Business Development
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  • Erica Sterling
    Organization Development
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Who We Are

Over 20 years of delivering great solutions.  We have seen a lot over the past two decades, encountering a wide range of challenges and uniquely complex situations.  Each one of these engagements enrich and deepen our expertise so we can help our customers improve their processes and reach their goals. Like our customers, we too are continuously evolving, learning new technologies, and honing our methodologies to improve and enhance how we serve you.

i3solutions was founded in 1997 by Scot Johnson and Michael Branson who sought to create a company that offers technical solutions for real world business problems. While there were many companies at that time that did just that, Scot and Michael committed to serve clients better. To do this, they instituted our three “i”s – intelligent, innovative and integrated, which became the heart of i3solutions’ philosophy.

Intelligent solutions are those that best address the current needs of the client, as well as the ability to quickly and effortlessly adapt to changing future needs. Innovative solutions do this in the most advanced manner possible, offering clients a catalyst for growth. Integrated marries the clients’ people, processes, and technologies ensuring organizational alignment and effective risk management. For over two decades we have served our clients well, committed to that early vision of intelligent, innovative and integrated solutions that was so core to our founding.

Why do our customers keep coming back? The answer is quite simple. It’s our integrity. Integrity is the foundation on which our principles of intelligence, innovation and integration stand.  Each and every engagement is an opportunity for i3solutions to demonstrate this and make a substantial difference in the lives of our partners and clients. They rely on i3solutions to provide sound and trustworthy advice on the best ways to leverage technology to improve and grow business. Working on your mission critical technology is a privilege – and we do not take that lightly.

At i3solutions, our core values and strategy-oriented culture have enabled our consultants to deliver meaningful results time and again, earning us the honor to serve as THE trusted technical advisor for our clients. With each client engagement, no matter the size, our goal is to empower our clients with the tools they need to sustain continued success… long after we are gone.

For nearly a quarter of a century, we have served our clients well, committed to that early vision of intelligent, innovative and integrated solutions that was so core to our founding. The last two decades have brought a tsunami of technology changes that, at the time, even the most forward thinkers could not have imagined. How has i3solutions remained relevant while so many others have come and gone? Our intelligent, innovative and integrated solutions give our clients the results they need to meet their needs now and prepare them for the uncertain changes in the future.



We have worked hard to create an atmosphere where everyone contributes, everyone is heard, and everyone can make a difference. This collaborative atmosphere has allowed us to grow a culture of innovators, thinkers and visionaries.

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We are always looking for those who want to push the envelope and take great pride in the their work. Please review our job openings and contact us a recruiting@i3solutions.com to apply:

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