Augmented IT Support: A Guide for Business Owners and IT Managers

February 6, 2023

The purpose of Augmented IT support is to supplement an organization’s internal IT team with additional resources and expertise, without incurring the costs of hiring additional employees. This type of support involves the use of remote IT technicians and managed IT services to address technology issues and provide ongoing support as it is needed.

Augmented IT support provides business owners and IT managers with several benefits, including cost savings, enhanced cybersecurity, improved productivity, and access to skilled IT professionals and Subject Matter Experts. This type of support can help business owners to focus on their core operations, knowing that their technology needs are in good hands.

This blog will cover key considerations for implementing augmented IT support, including choosing the right IT service provider, identifying business needs and goals, and building an IT support plan. The goal of this blog is to help business owners and IT mangers understand the benefits of augmented IT support and why they should consider it as a vital part of their operations.

Augmented IT Support

Understanding Augmented IT Support

Key Features and Services of Augmented IT Support

The key features and services of augmented IT support include:

  • On-Demand IT support: IT technicians are on standby to provide support to organizations which is beneficial in resolving technology issues quickly and efficiently as they arise.
  • Managed IT services: Managed IT services help organizations with ongoing technology support, including software updates, backups, and security measures.
  • Technology consulting: Augmented IT support providers offer technology consulting services to help organizations identify their technology needs and develop a strategy for meeting those needs.
  • Cybersecurity: Augmented IT support can help organizations with enhancing their cybersecurity and protecting their data and systems from threats.

How Augmented IT Support Works

Augmented IT support works by supplementing an organization’s internal IT team with additional resources and expertise. This type of support is typically provided by IT service providers like i3solutions who work with organizations to identify their technology needs and provide the necessary support to meet those needs. The IT service provider can offer support through remote IT technicians and managed IT services, and may also offer technology consulting services to help organizations improve their technology infrastructure and security.

With augmented IT support, organizations can have peace of mind knowing that their technology needs are being handled by experienced professionals, freeing them to focus on their core operations.

Implementing Augmented IT Support

Choosing the Right IT Service Provider

Choosing the right IT service provider is crucial when implementing augmented IT support. Business owners or IT managers should look for a provider that has a proven track record, a range of services and expertise, and a commitment to providing high-quality support. When selecting a provider, business owners should also consider factors such as cost, responsiveness, and their ability to work effectively with the organization’s internal IT team.

Identifying Business Needs and Goals

Before implementing augmented IT support, it’s important for business owners or IT managers to identify their technology needs and goals. This can involve conducting an assessment of the organization’s technology infrastructure and determining what areas require the most support. Business owners should also consider their long-term technology goals and how augmented IT support can help them achieve those goals.

Establishing a Strong Partnership with the IT Service Provider

A strong partnership between the business and the IT service provider is essential for a successful augmented IT support implementation. Business owners or IT mangers should work closely with the provider to establish clear lines of communication, define roles and responsibilities, and establish a process for addressing any issues that arise. The goal should be to establish a relationship that is based on trust and open communication, allowing the two organizations to work together effectively.

Building an IT Support Plan

Once a strong partnership has been established, the next step is to build an IT support plan. This plan should outline the specific services that will be provided by the IT service provider, as well as the responsibilities of the internal IT team. The plan should also outline the processes for addressing technology issues, as well as any reporting or tracking requirements. The goal of the IT support plan should be to ensure that the augmented IT support is implemented smoothly and provides the maximum benefits to the organization.

Augmented IT Support

Why Business Owners and IT Managers Should Consider Augmented IT Support as a Vital Part of Their Operations

In today’s fast-paced business environment, technology is playing an increasingly important role in helping organizations to stay competitive. Augmented IT support can help business owners and IT managers to stay ahead of the curve, by providing the technology support and expertise they need to succeed. Whether it’s managing cybersecurity threats, improving productivity, or streamlining business processes, augmented IT support can provide business owners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their technology needs are being met by experienced IT professionals.

Augmented IT support is a valuable resource for business owners looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive environment. By providing access to skilled IT professionals and a range of technology services, augmented IT support can help organizations to overcome technology challenges, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Business owners and IT managers should consider augmented IT support as a vital part of their operations and invest in it to ensure the long-term success of their organizations.

i3solutions is the Augmented IT Support Partner that You Need

i3solutions offers a wide array of IT services that lighten your organization’s IT burden and positions your business for success.  With over 25 years of Software Development and IT support expertise, there are many reasons for to chose i3solutions as your IT support partner:

  • Dedicated team to retain your company’s corporate knowledge and processes
  • US based resources that either hold active security clearances or are fully clearable
  • Support coverage that is customizable and scalable as your business needs change
  • Full knowledge transfer to your team to enrich your team’s development and ability to serve your company’s needs in the future
  • Access to subject matter experts across a wide range of technologies so that you don’t need to hire additional resources for specific needs

Contact i3solutions today to find out how we can augment your internal IT team.


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