Sharing Data

Modernize Your Infrastructure

Looking to exchange data between your SharePoint and IBM portals? i3solutions provides SharePoint to IBM Integration services. This enables your IBM Portals to share information stored in Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint / SharePoint Online. Our portal migration subject matter expertise have a long history in portal development, customization and migration, combined with our premier business partnerships with both IBM and Microsoft, means we are uniquely suited to help you with your conversion efforts.

Our experience with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft 365 and IBM will help you rest easy – whether you have a static Intranet site or are looking to convert Domino applications, we can help you migrate safely from your IBM environment to Microsoft SharePoint Online.

Migrate With Confidence

Strong planning ensures successful migration.

First, we work with you to review your existing IBM site and supporting architecture and map those into the Microsoft SharePoint Online environment. We then apply our expertise to help you identify and prioritize your business requirements. As we help you to understand the new capabilities of online SharePoint, we will work with you to develop a road map that is appropriate for your organization. We take great care, time and effort to make sure your IBM metadata is preserved as we perform the migration to the Microsoft SharePoint Online environment.

It is common for teams to experience the stress and uncertainly that is so often associated with large migrations. Our aim is to ease this anxiety. With over 25 years of migration experience, we know we can help you be successful as you migrate your IBM Files and Folders, Blogs, Wikis, Activities, Bookmarks and Forums to SharePoint.